“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Back to the Big Apple

Hazelnut coffee is flowing and I’ve waking up here in Michigan after we had a major thunderstorm that woke me about 4 am. I almost got up to finish my final packing but I decided to grab the extra four hours of sleep. I’ve been working development and getting ready to shoot IN OUR TIME but I had a great opportunity pop up. I got a call to come co-star in a comedy shooting in NYC. The funny part was when the director called me I laughed and said, “I kind of got this Jesus look going” and he explained the role and how it would all figure.

I play an anti-terrorist agent and I’m so very excited to do something zany before going into something very dramatic. As I know more of what they want released I will drop some exclusives here. My buddy Carlucci who starred with me in KARMA is a central character and so it will be great to see him. I also here rumor that Alma will also be playing a character and she was the female lead in KARMA so we have a nice reunion going on of sorts. I look forward to making some new friends and associates.

This last week has been working with Dennis Therrian and Triumphant Ent. getting the final stuff around for the August HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS and FIGURE IN THE FOREST. The latter has a soundtrack being released and we also added Joe Pullin’s music video for one of the major songs “I Will Wait For You” featuring John Oates, Peter Frampton and the London Symphony recorded at Abbey Roads studio. Here is a link for the music video.


I’m going to shut down here and pack my work bag. I have a flight in a few hours so I’m going to go finish my packing. Time to pour another cup of the java:) Have a great week and I’m sure I’ll have a few good stories to share soon.


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