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Five 2022 CDI Releases and New Development Updates!

Hazelnut coffee adding a bit of warmth to a cool morning after we had some solid storms pass through yesterday. Our property is in full bloom with the new hops reaching the upper deck. We had flowers including our lovely smelling lilacs adding color everywhere. Some of the mushrooms are growing in their damp places. I was doing some fence work yesterday stepping inside just moments before the downpour. This past week was a nice mix of development, post-work and promotion. Also a meeting with our distributor to discuss the upcoming endeavors.

On the development – We’ll be traveling to speak with track owners again this week on HOT ROD LOVE, trying to find the perfect partners. We are working to assign all the units of investment and also court sponsors. This 1975 film will be the perfect summer film to shoot. The music, the clothes and the CARS! I’m working hard on this project because it will be fun for cast and crew and ultimately for audiences. The hope is to have all the funding blocks in soon so we can move ahead in confidence.

Also on the development tip has been writing on another upcoming CDI film that does have the committed funds. It is an end of the year film which will likely shoot end of 2023 but you never know. What is most exciting is that CDI will be tackling the ROARING 20’s! I’m 1/4 of the way through the script and I’m just so pleased at how it’s come together thus far. I do have to credit the book author for once again creating some great characters. I’ve been working on the PR release for this project and we’ll be releasing it soon giving many more details.

Just to showcase how you have to try and juggle schedules – the project still be written (script) is funded but real development work cannot begin until the script is done. The one that has the solid script with lots of development completed is still working to reach funding. So those are the kind of funny situations that we sometimes face.

The 2022 Releases-

FOR THE LOVE OF CATCH now has its filmfreeway page set up which is what you use to enter festivals. We’ve about delivered all the elements just need a few small things still and they will be assigning us release dates. This is an amazing documentary film and we’re excited to present it to the world.

BESTSELLER – this Chris Knight thriller is FINALLY getting its home video release on May 31st this MONTH! I’m keeping an eye out DVD pre-sales and I hope to know what platforms this movie will go to soon. Once I do we will pass along. Follow us on the film’s FB site too.

BEST YEARS GONE will also have DVD pre-sale sites and digital streaming coming July 5th! So after you have your big 4th of July blow out you can chilly chill and water the antics of Gil Gilles. Comedy, Drama and a touch of romance is what you can expect. And to that add a good dose of the unexpected.

Here is a good interview from our friends at Indie Film Cafe-whereas they try not to give any spoilers away –

SILENT NIGHT IN ALGONA – The teaser has generated some great interest for us including some theatrical talk. We are going to be working on some new promo materials as we move towards a 2nd edit of the film. We are aiming to lock picture and move it over to music and sound in July/August and finish the film in November to have a premiere in Algona, Iowa in December. After we might look at expanding the theatrical throughout Iowa but all of you in Iowa can help by contacting your local theaters and requesting it. We are still a ways off but it will be here before you know it. After a winter theatrical run we’re planning to start working foreign sales and setting up for the Holiday 2023 season which is when home video (DVD and streaming) will take place. This is a typical roll out but many good folks aren’t aware of how that works. Also some thought the film would be done a few weeks after filming. Please let me borrow your magic wand. No. It takes months to put the puzzle together.

SMOKE & MIRRORS (Short) – This steampunk, Victorian mystery short is taken from one of my full feature scripts. It is a great proof of concept that was tired to a commercial endeavor we had at CDI. We entered a few fun festivals close by that we’ll try to attend. It has been a while since I’ve done any thrillers or horror films, so this project was great fun.

Other projects continue to develop such as the projects surrounding KNIGHT CHILLS. Prepping a few more to be released with Deskpop Entertainment and BMG. The Quest Trilogy is finishing its strongest season, the holidays. The trilogy led by part 1 Forty Nights is pushing 2 million viewers on Encourage TV. All three can be watched on there including part 2 Chasing the Star and part 3 The Christ Slayer. Man’s Best Friend just passed 1.5 million on Encourage TV and with new platforms emerging our audience will keep growing. LOST HEART/Bigfoot UFO’s and Jesus is solidly past 700k and heading towards its first million. This is only the distributors streaming but if gives a good temperature. WILD FAITH is chugging steadily towards 6 million on Encourage TV and it also is expending into several new platforms. All this can really help our efforts to get the season 1 eight shows filmed in the near future. Thank you to all of you out there supporting the films.

In the past, I know for a fact that certain films have been trolled (negative actions). If you have an issue with someone on the cast or crew don’t throw rocks at a collective work by many artists trying to get to one person. Seems kind of reckless. What I propose is use your (insert emotion here) to help yourself in a positive manner. I’ll use myself as an example. If you don’t like me- chances are you don’t know me. I’m just kidding.

I speak my truth, so I’m sure I’ve rubbed someone wrong at some point. But don’t throw shade at an entire project because of one artist. I say, if you don’t like me or my work USE IT to inspire you. If that @#!@! DJ Perry can do it, I can do it, and better! Use it. Actions speak. I want to be surrounded by good businesses engaging with good artists to tell good stories. Become that. Become greater than-

I had a few questions as of late that I thought were good ones-

Do you still act outside CDI? I never stopped. But I will say that there are a small handful of projects I worked very hard in front of camera only to have them not get done (to date to be fair). At CDI we will always get it done. But I’m open to read anything that is funded as my time is limited. If your cart is in front of your horse, I just politely ask you to wait until you’re prepared. Now there are LOI’s and pay to plays and such when a producer uses your attachment to get funding and those are a different story. Yes. I’ve been paid well on a project that never shot. Because you mark that time off. I LOVE living in Michigan and it is always my home. But coming up, my circle wasn’t all Michigan it was production groups around the country working at the same or higher levels of the business. I’ve always associated myself with doers versus talkers and it doesn’t matter what state or country they are from. Storytellers have no such boundaries and sometimes the best stories are out there.

Will you consider work-for-hire screenplay writing-

Yes. I will consider anything. I think as an actor – I was disappointed in a lot of the scripts and so I started trying to create what I would enjoy as an actor. And I infuse that high level of attention and love into all the characters not just the main few. I’ve written in several genres and adapted several books to screenplays. Adapting books is a different animal from just pulling wildly from the imagination. I enjoy both just two different processes.

Would you consult or produce yourself?

CDI has done “in association” projects whereas we bring certain things to the table but THEY have the $ so THEY are accountable so WE are consultants. I’ve had projects I’ve helped out with and they awarded me a credit and compensation but no, I would not produce myself. The reason is simple if you want something to run like a CDI film you need the whole machine not just a part of it. I cannot deliver what the entire team brings and neither can they. I also know some want to associate with our history for seeking funds. The issue lies if they think they are getting a CDI project and they are not, because final decisions are being made elsewhere. I’ve had several sit downs where the other party states they want to create product/films like CDI. Next they want to bring this, this and this variable. In some cases these variables are what was holding back these people on their previous projects. But I also believe you put in the work and you get the funds you earned an opportunity to showcase however. But I don’t have to take that ride. I often relate these films to children and I don’t take the commitment lightly. So I better see a responsible doer with a solid battle plan, resources and desire to attempt something amazing to consider a collaboration. Meanwhile at CDI, we will keep refining our battle plans, increasing our resources and always attempting to collectively create something amazing.


I’m going to wrap this up so I can go assemble a windmill and no I’m not kidding. Also planting some clover and such in the yard. It is so great that we finally have some sunshine. I came up zero at the flea market but last week gave me treasures including my HOT ROD LOVE (Woody Jr.) hat! We won our soccer match in good fashion last week and I’m enjoying the outside grass play versus indoors. I cannot wait until we do battle again on Thursday! I hope everyone is having a great day and has a great week ahead.

Coffee Cheers!


Happy Mother’s Day! UPDATES from CDI (May)

Norway, France, Nigeria and more have joined us this past week. I want to start by giving a nice shout out to all the mom’s out there. We had a wonderful day with our mother’s yesterday which including a little hiking about, lunch and desert. I know not everyone still has their mother with them and I’m so very grateful to have mine. She has always been a wonderful supporter of my art and of me. Thank you momma, I love you very much.

This week was a productive one and this week ahead should be even more so. Let’s look at some of the updates from the past week and look ahead.

  1. This week we’ll start more BESTSELLER promotions. The film will release on DVD and digital purchase on May 31st. We will start sharing links to pre-order or stream as they appear. This Michigan based thriller is extremely intense and if scary is your cup of tea you should be well pleased. Above is the DVD wrap from Deskpop Entertainment.
  2. BEST YEARS GONE announced last week that the BareBones International Film & Music Festival awarded us the runner up in both DRAMEDY and ROMANCE. We’ll be up for a few more festivals but audiences world wide soon can watch and make up their own minds on July 5th! Included below is the DVD wrap from Deskpop Entertainment.

3) I’ve started some outlining and even the first pages of the next book to script to film projects. My hint is that the book is by the same author whose book (Hope From Heaven) we adapted for BEST YEARS GONE. I’m very excited to put this story to script and once completed we’ll see where it fits into our production schedule.

4) HOT ROD LOVE is starting to rev up. We had to push from our first projected shoot dates because we’ve been slowed a bit because of the immense amount of work flow we currently have. Four releases planned between now and the year’s end (Bestseller, Best Years Gone, For the Love of Catch, Smoke & Mirrors)- we’ve had a few of the units taken and our talks with sponsors are underway. We’re about to engage with more of our pool this month. We have some great things in store with this story.

5) We’ll be doing the formal PR announcement about MAN’S BEST FRIEND and WILD FAITH going to NBC/Peacock once we have dates. This isn’t really any different from many of the deals we have with platforms save the very large audience base. I hope these two films are just the beginning of a bridge for our CDI product. We will continue to pursue our various possible avenues for the WILD FAITH TV series Hastings. More on that in the weeks to come!

6) We’ve started to deliver assets on FOR THE LOVE OF CATCH and once those are all received we’ll get release dates. We are also still exploring premiere possibilities including a large festival. This documentary is a very entertaining look at the history of grappling.

7) Also the assets for the KNIGHT CHILLS special BluRay have started to be moved over. Also working on a KNIGHT CHILLS/FROM VENUS Classic CDI Double Feature for Christmas time. Knight Chills will also be heading to streaming with Deskpop Entertainment along with three other CDI films. Lastly this 1st CDI film is getting a video game made of it. I hope to have some teaser in the coming months.

8) SILENT NIGHT IN ALGONA teaser has been exciting fans. Upcoming VFX BTS videos, new poster art and such will be rolling out in the coming weeks. An extended trailer will be done before the December showing of the film in Iowa. We’re all very excited about this movie. We’ll keep dripping some stills out in the meantime.

9) We’ve been having good talks on new CDI merchandise. If you have any good ideas feel free to let us know. I would like to see Tee-Shirts and might be looking to partner with a MI based company. BIGFOOT, UFOS & JESUS tee-shirt?

10) Outdoor soccer season is underway and man did it feel good to get outside and battle. We did not win our first game against last seasons champs but had a great match. I love the workout which is second to none in my opinion. Two gents fighting to hold ground, control the ball and push it up field. It is truly a battle and without the pads of some sports.


So we did attend the flea market and first I found a 70’s hat that as the owner said, might have traveled to Woodstock. It is broken in and badass and just might be a character hat. I found a few other treasures such as a pair of beer barrel signs of my favorite Dane beer Tuborg and my high school beer Black Label. Add a hardcover book find of Ashida Kim’s SECRETS OF THE NINJA (80’s kids will get it) and fletching feathers to repair my archery arrows. I also got us a few yard items – just a fun day kicking around.

I’m going to go do a few things in the yard today including setting up the water fountain. I’m happy to have a string of good days ahead to assist in getting things done. We set up a new outdoor fire chiminea from Christmas and I look forward to using that. It helps to burn up many of the small sticks in the yard. The new composter is working its magic and I’ve been slow refilling the wood bins. We are talking about planting clover and other more natural ground covering versus just grass. The stand up planters will need to be planted although some plants from last year are already sprouting. I love to do some of my computer work and after make calls while tooling about the grounds. That connection with nature helps bring balance. I hope everyone has a great week ahead. We’ll talk next week.

Coffee Cheers!


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