“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Deceleration Back to Life

So this week has been crazy. I’m sure it was additionally hectic as my body tried to readjust to this time zone. It is almost like traveling backwards in time going from one side of the planet to the other. It is true that we age slower higher up in the atmosphere and I’ve studied other interesting physics that take place. I had 23 hours to ponder some of these things on my trip back. The other crazy thing for me to deal with is the SPEED effect. Be it a dragster or a racehorse, it is crazy to be led to the gate or starting line, hear the START, race to the finish line and then feel that CALM. I was with many, many people – day in and day out and now I’ve got the quiet. The change from MOVIE ACTOR to HOME CHILL can be sudden. I think in part because of the large amount of attention on “Darkest Night” with me being one of if not the 1st American to come film on a Philippine production. The National press was so excited and we really had a wonderful time making this film. Now I’m home and so I think I had a little return culture-shock. I made some lifelong friends and I look forward to the premiere this fall.

This week was touching base with all the business folks pertaining to other projects. There are many new developments underway with CDI and our projects. Monday will start a series of meetings with my CDI amigos to get our task lists before us. I spoke with many distributors and will follow-up more as they return from France.

Several acting projects presenting themselves to me for which I feel blessed. Several of our projects in post are getting close to being complete. I’m waiting on all the new street dates for the CDI projects coming out 4th quarter with New Video. I heard November 14th as a possible “Figure in the Forest” street date. I will try to get all those this week. We will also be making an announcement about a new in-house attorney at CDI here soon. Many new PR releases forthcoming including the new biblical feature I will produce with Reel Frog Films following our “Book of Ruth”. So please stay tune to many new updates in the weeks ahead.

My Texas-based fan site http://www.djperryfanclub.com will start having the Leading Ladies from “Darkest Night” and these talented ladies are worth checking out! We are preparing for an “Outside the Wire” premiere showing(s) in Owosso, Michigan were director Tony Hornus is from. I’ll be posting info here and at the http://www.cdiproductions.com site. We’ve had all kinds of interest in this property and soon will assign a home.

So this week wrapped up with deck cleaning, lawn mowing and I have my 1st soccer match today. The 1st game was while I was away but we won. Today we play last year’s champs so this match may be tougher. I’m lean and mean from my stay in the Philippines with the 95 degree heat so I hope that will help my running. I’m fueled up with steak (venison) and eggs and ready to play.

I will end with a sincere RIP to Randy “Macho Man” Savage. A true actor/sportsman who will be missed. “Oh yeahhhhh!”

Have a great Sunday!


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