“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Productive Progress!

It has been a beautiful couple days in the Michigan that feel almost like a perfect day. The air has been warm with a cool breeze. This weekend was filled with some staining, some tilling, some grilling and now a little bit of chilling. The hazelnut coffee is flowing and I’m ready to give you all a little recap.

The Michigan premiere of our doc film “Outside the Wire” is this month and you can get full details at http://www.cdiproductions.com so check it out and get your tickets for the 25th or 26th. I will be at the 1st showing and afterglow in Owosso, Michigan.

At Pepper’s http://www.djperryfanclub.com (Leading Ladies) she is following up my “Darkest Night” mother-in-law played by Zeny Sevilla with the beautiful and talented Marife Necesito so please check her out.


More will follow so stay tuned! The wheels are turning on many fronts again and right now I’m trying to see what my summer schedule will be like.

On CDI front we will soon be formally announcing a few new tribal members from our sales team and in-house attorney for day-to-day business. We might be close to posting a few casting calls that will really benefit some local Michigan actors. We’ve recently signed a slate of associated projects to develop. Watch CDI’s development pages for updates.

In the meantime I continue to wheel and deal on distribution for some of our projects. I’m reading scripts submitted for acting roles. I just read a cool one last night that has a ROCK & ROLL theme. I’m waiting on dates for a few projects and waiting to see how the chips will fall for this Fall. That sounded funny:)

Not sure how to wrap all this up as many things are ongoing. I did some post sound work on the “Benjamin” film I shot in NYC last summer and I’m told that film may be complete at month’s end. I know “Locked in a Room” will be complete this summer as well as “Darkest Night”. For all of you out there working your projects keeping pushing forward. I hope to work with some of you one day.

I have a soccer match this afternoon so I’m looking forward to a good day. I hope you all also have a great day and a productive week!


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