“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Real Sets & Wrap on “7 Stones”

A readjustment to real life after a week of hotel living, or at least when I wasn’t spending the long hours on our prison set. I’m speaking of “7 Stones” and the wonderful experience I had telling that powerful story. Written and directed by Tom Norton and produced by a team led by Girbe Eefsting. I was completely blown away by a set that reminded me of “The Well of Souls” in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK or some dungeon from MAN IN THE IRON MASK. My thoughts are this…

While CGI does free the filmmaker to create in-computer all these worlds I can honestly state that performing inside a room of just curtain green screen cannot and will not create the same environment to pretend in. I love the story of on GOONIES they didn’t show the kids the pirate ship into they rolled cameras and dropped them into the water. The reaction was REAL!  A breathtaking pirate ship of One Eye Willie. As a producer, I have and will use green screen but whenever possible I think that actual sets should be used. I think when just the world becomes the focus and not the actors, storytelling will suffer. So I really had a strong appreciation for the playground created.

I once again was blessed with amazing co-stars In Melissa Anshultz, Dax Spanogle, Burt Johnson, Michael Swain, Justin Kilduff and of course Hershey. Thank you for making it so easy. The CREW! I met some remarkable artists and I hope this film will be the beginning of several stories told together. I think the work is some of the best drama I’ve done in a while. This is due to the material which in this case was a severe character study in the human spirit.

I’m so excited that another great story has moved into post. BENJAMIN is done now and I’m told LOCKED IN A ROOM is right behind it.

NEW “Outside the Wire” screenings will be shown throughout the year and I do recommend that everyone watches this enlightening film. Tony Hornus really found his calling with this project and many orphaned children will benefit. Again a great study in the human spirit!

“Renovation” has a few offers and we plan to make a few moves and announce something in the weeks ahead. I’m excited to get this thriller out to audiences who I believe will really enjoy it.

There is so much happening on the developing slate that I can’t type it all here. The Philippine GPI/CDI slate is forming up with “Shadow of Death” being next for Spring 2012. I will have new updates soon on “In Our Time” and “Madam CJ Walker” two highly anticipated films from B4Tyme with me playing Jesus in one of them. These two projects will mark my move into US theatrical should the upcoming films in post only make it to TV/home video level. I’m excited to get to that next level because I’ve worked with many fine directors/production groups whose work deserves to be on the big stage.

I’m pressing for the 4th Quarter release dates on our NEW VIDEO titles and so a little more patience and I will get those around.

Tomorrow I have an entire day of PR in Grand Rapids with TV, radio and print for “7 Stones”. I’m happy that my long unkept nails and beard are again gone. Not the best facial adornment in 90 degree heat.  Here are a few sites associated with the film. They have links to many previous news stories…ENJOY!

“7 Stones” Facebook site


“7 Stones” website


I hope that all of you out there are working towards your goals. Remember it is not a destination but the journey. Enjoy the ride!


3 responses

  1. John A C Despres

    Thank you, DJ. Very nice comments.


    July 31, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    • A pleasilgny rational answer. Good to hear from you.

      January 13, 2012 at 3:55 am

  2. Thank you DJ Perry for an amazing job as the lead in 7 Stones. Not only did the character Joseph from the film have a lot to teach about perseverance, sacrifice , the actor DJ brought a lot of teaching about film-making and perseverance and sacrifice . “Everybody must get stoned.”


    July 31, 2011 at 8:05 pm

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