“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Work with the pack. Trust in the pack. Defend and Attack!

Awoke to a peaceful, beautiful rain. The garden is starting to put forth what will become the harvest. The seeds went in late because of how wet of a spring we had. I love the cool weather we’ve had the last week. It put me in mind of hard cider and hay rides. I had two soccer matches pretty much back to back since one was a make up game. Two hard-fought victories that sent a few folks to the hospital for stitches. Sports are a great meditation and allows the mind to run like a captive animal let go. The action of the moment doesn’t allow second thoughts. It doesn’t allow time for insecurities, self-doubt, questioning, analyzing, line items, cost control – REPLACED BY – Work with the pack. Trust in the pack. Defend and Attack!

Simple – direct –  instincts leading! I enjoy activity like this  that feeds the inner fire.

Focus, intensity and reacting in the moment. Sounds like another craft – like acting. In some of those intense onscreen moments you cannot get caught thinking. Real people in certain charged situations are just acting, not acting like as in…”I’m a tree” but as in ACTION, driven by emotion. I know after a good rant onscreen I can’t remember anything I was really saying. It was just coming deep from a place of fire.

Fire can provoke fear, comfort, warmth and a death. I think the lesson is BE THE REAL YOU! UNIQUELY YOU! You fuel the fire that ignites the imagination and birth’s fictional onscreen characters. In the great words of wisdom spoken forth to the world by Guru Butthead – “Ah…that’s pretty cool!”

I’ve refused to live my life by the up’s and down’s of the stock market or the endless loop of gloom and doom on CNN. I love news but many of our problems are not really problems. They are a stone in our tire. An annoying squeak of a shopping cart-wheel. My point is that many are born into conditions not even close to what the homeless here can receive. Yes. They might have to get an earful of some practicing preacher but it is not staving in a refuge camp.

Okay. Speaking of the homeless. I had an idea. What if those willing joined an organization like the Peace Corps. reinforced by some Federal spending normally put forth to help a country in need. The potentially amazing work force of homeless could literally make a clean start. A modest pay and costs that are severely offset because of costs in other countries. We get to help our own and help the country while keeping some control on proper spending. And lastly, find me a group of people more suited to such acts of compassion than folks who had previous lived hardship. But, not as hard as others around the world. I see a great chance to set up change in programs like that.


Okay blood and horror fans! I’m so wanting to give you some exciting updates on RENOVATION but a bit more time is needed. I’m excited by this film and think audiences will dig it. JEKYLL & HYDE is my only hint or tease.

DARKEST NIGHT the VERY scary Philippine horror film has a GREAT interactive website at http://www.darkestnightmovie.com/

This film is the first of a slate of GPI/CDI collaborations.

LOCKED IN A ROOM is moving towards a close and I think that film will shake a few major scares out of folks.

I could go on more about the films but the week was filled with small steps. I have cultivated immense patience in this industry.  Many journey’s require many, many steps and if you cannot be patient stress and frustration will be your life. That said, patience comes once you’ve done your required tasks. I know I always bring it back to an actor friend who is unhappy with the work offers and in almost every situation their materials are not together. Acting reel? Yeah. I gotta finish that up. So instead of fixing a problem you waste time lamenting the outcome of a situation you are directly accountable for. I’ve been guilty before. Yes. I gave myself the first lecture:)

People who know me know not to ask me a question unless you want my often blunt response. That is a good trait when it comes with a reasoning behind it versus just a feeling. Those same good instincts we discussed earlier can twist around if marinated in negativity too long. Honest communication  is part of our company’s strength at CDI. Our folks are not a bunch of YES MEN. I’ve disagreed at different times with almost everyone. It is how we deal with differing viewpoints. We talk it out and see who has a truly BETTER WAY vs a DIFFERENT WAY. There is no way of telling which path – or a mixture of the two paths would make the best solution. I know many production companies out there with communication issues.  It is a real test to see how many companies gel for the long haul.

In true tribal fashion when a direction is decided upon, mutual respect will motivate them together. This support is despite the understanding that someone has accountability tasking and might have to make a final decision that may differ from someone else’s opinion.  If you’ve never worn that coat of accountability I would suggest wearing it a few times. It might create better understanding between task groups. In film, this is ABOVE THE LINE and BELOW THE LINE but at day’s end they’re all there to TOW THE LINE and make a movie!

No. I’m not going to bust into “walking a mile in someone’s moccasins”:)

I enjoyed these few moments with all of you. The coffee is gone and so it is time to move on with my day.

Have a great Saturday.


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