“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Philippine TOP 10

The streets here are full of music as Manny “PacMan” retained his heavy weight boxing title. Tonight I have a final producers watch through on “Darkest Night” before our premiere this week in Manila. The theater is beautiful and the people here are excited. I’ve been chilling here in my adopted country or I should say they’ve adopted me. I’ve been eating great food that includes LOTS of seafood! Washing it all down with some local beers but one of the most popular beers from US here is Colt 45 so that is a change. I bought new underwears and T’s since getting laundry was gonna be a pain. I’ve been treated so well here and I’m happy that DJ Perry and the Philippines are getting to be fast friends. I was treated to a familiar sight when I saw by actor buddy Taymore Ghazi on a TV show last night here. I also watched friend/mentor actor Rance Howard on the flight over. I do enjoy seeing my friends in movies and on TV. I will have more to write after the premiere but I thought I would do a fun top 10 on here. Let’s do top ten things I’ve learned, saw or experiences here in the Philippines.

1) Being called “Chuck Norris” on the street – I know I’m looking older but DAMN!

2) Noontime means after lunch between 1-4 not 12:00

3) Participating in traffic walking I see where the game FROGGER was inspired.

4) I saw a traffic cop breakdancing while directing traffic (moonwalk, pop locking, etc..) you don’t see that in NYC

5) There is not an active EPA for car pollution and so things are like LA 10 years ago

6) Cheeseburgers with egg on them are quite good

7) It must be a National law against getting one beer they always bring you two

8) Only here can you eat two RED LOBSTER + level meals and wash it down with 6 beers for a few dollars – won’t find that in NYC or anywhere in the USA

9) Santa will have to shave his beard and wear shorts here

10) Manny “PacMan” is like SUPERMAN, Mr. T and Bill Clinton rolled into one.

This is DJ signing off until next time!

Have a great Sunday!

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