“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Recoup and Rundown on Projects

I cannot tell everyone how energizing it has been to be back among family and friends here in the old USA. I loved my trip to the Philippines and as always the people were great! We got lots of media attention for “Darkest Night” and I think the audience of our 1st showing enjoyed seeing the full directors cut before the next hard editing choices are made. A lot of work will happen in the next two months on that film.

I’m still about 2-3 hours off in my sleep schedule but it is getting slowly better. I’ve been getting up mega early 5-6 am and doing work in the quiet time. A few updates –

1) “Renovation” materials are about to be delivered to the distributor for 2012 roll out

2) The titles we had slated for Dec. release “Heaven’s Neighbors” and “Figure in the Forest” are being held up by Walmart negotiations so likely a push of a quarter. DVD’s are all mastered and they look good but we need to make the best deal possible.

3) Premiere of “7 Stones” lies ahead in December. Premiere’s for “Locked in a Room” and “Benjamin” soon after…

4) “Love Letters in the Sand” pushed into 2012 which is fine with me:) I didn’t want to be working up to Christmas.

5) Strong developments on a pair of horror films “Soul Eater” and “Secondary Heroes” and both should shoot in 2012. A casting call for a major character went out on the Collective Development Inc. Facebook site – did you see it? 🙂 Get those reels ready!

6) Additional meetings on our western projects including the possible addition of a major casting agent. Distributor may control 3 castings on the films. May have to compromise if private investors don’t show.

7) I have to sign and send some paperwork this week on “In Our Time” (Jesus project) and “Madam CJ Walker” but that is moving ahead.

8) May have good news around the bend on a few faith films with my “Book of Ruth” producing partner Ray N.

9) Planning out my battle plans for 2012/2013! Set goals and build steps to success.

My hazelnut coffee is hot and in my hand now. I have another family Thanksgiving up North and so I’m ready for another round of good eating. I came back light from the Philippines so I’m getting a touch of my winter weight back so I don’t freeze when the snow flies. Beef in the Philippines is not as common as chicken, pork and seafood so I had to have a Porterhouse a few days ago from our 4H purchase and it was like eating heaven. Sorry my plant only eaters out there. I love my veggies as well. I wish I had more to go on about right now but I’ve been just readjusting and getting ready for a few final weeks of work before things shut down. I’ve been getting some Christmas stuff around and I can feel the holiday spirit. We decided to skip shopping yesterday and work/play outside because of how nice it was. Good choice. I’ll pay a dollar or two more because a beautiful day with the dogs and family can be priceless.

Enjoy the weekend!


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