“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Reflect, Prioritize and Prepare!

WOW! Last night I returned home from a family Christmas gathering to find out that I was sent a script with a supporting offer. This film is about a very famous Michigan figure of history and I’m practically speechless after reading the script. As I drank my coffee this morning I also drank the very words from the page. I can say they both tasted good. I sent over my interest in the role this morning and when I can speak of the role (Non disclosure)  I most certainly will because it is surely newsworthy. The film has some very powerful actors attached to it and will shoot some parts here in our great state of Michigan.

Along the same lines – I could be announcing yet another supporting role in thriller shooting in the NYC area. It has some very original concepts woven in and around a tried and true formula. An offer was made on this project and so now we’re discussing business points. I also had a few other scripts recently sent to me for a read in this holiday slow time. One is a western that I’m excited to dive into and the other horror:) I love to sit and read scripts on these cold winter days in Michigan. I’ve also been using the down time to work on a script that has been knocking about in my imagination for a while. Reading and writing…all good. SUPPORT OUR TEACHERS!

I had many business meetings this past week on film development. I think overall 2012 is going to be another exciting year for myself and CDI. (www.cdiproductions.com) NEWLY UPDATED!

I think we will get to see all the CDI directors move into action once again. I’ve very excited to see them back to storytelling. We’ve got a great tribe of artists here and I feel blessed to call them friends!


It is OFFICIAL as the old “Renovation” is now retitled “Deadly Renovations” and the new trailer and website are updated. http://www.deadlyrenovations.com

The several projects in post will soon premiere before being released to the masses. I’m so very excited to let audiences watch these films. We as artists make these films for you the fans out there. I’m so very happy for the progress made this past year. The friends and artists I’ve met and worked with. The places I’ve gone and the culture I’ve been blessed to experience. This path (Like many) can be difficult at first but the rewards can be truly great. If I never made another film I would still feel so blessed for all the experiences I’ve had. Luckily, I don’t think my film journey is ending but just getting up to speed.

Each of you should take these moments at the year’s end to plan your own 2012. SET GOALS! Get all your materials updated (cover letters, resumes, REELS, marketing links) and get ready for another year moving steadily towards your dreams. I still encounter many people who say that want something so badly but refuse to put in the hard work needed. This path of mine I’ve traveled has not always been easy. Actually it has rarely  been easy but what in life worth while truly is? That is why as children we are often protected and told “don’t try to grow up too fast”.  I remember those carefree youthful days. I still keep a relatively carefree attitude by not empowering overdue stress in my own life. That whole saying of give me strength to change what I can and the patience to deal with what I cannot change. Wise words.

So reflect, prioritize and prepare for 2012. It is just around the corner!


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