“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Past, Present & Future – Embrace Them ALL!

I want to start with sending my wishes to my long-time acting amigo Terry Jernigan who lost his father last night. He and I spoke a few days ago about the loss of parents. It is a journey we will all have to make at sometime. I don’t think we are ever ready for such a thing so I just hope he keeps the strength. That is why friends and family are so important and so remember to be a good friend. I didn’t know any of the Beastie Boys but I was raised on a steady diet of them from high school and into college. The death of one of them puts a solid pillar of age before me. I didn’t feel it really with MIchael Jackson or Whitney but this surely did. I have their newest CD in my vehicle at this time and was so impressed and looking forward to the next. It will never be the same. That is a theme as time moves past – enjoy the present because it will NEVER be the same.

I’ve recently been re-watching some of the past films as I negotiate deals to get the library out there. It was fun to re-live those moments and see the beauty of adventure of the storytelling. The other night I got to see “Locked in a Room” at the multiplex and watch audiences be scared. I LOVE watching others watching the work. There was about 150 people there and I know more showings are planned.


We have two slates of films that are firming up – one that is based on Michigan films and the other primarily outside Michigan productions. Development is really starting to gel and I hope to have many artists to work soon.

I’ve got a few scripts/films I’m in talks about working on as talent. One shoots in Paris, France and that would be interesting as I’ve never been there before.

I’ve also got a mystery package from the UK that postal tried to deliver when I was out so I need to maybe swing by and pick that up today. I’ve got a few connects in the UK but was not really expecting anything.

Another film that is from a Mexican production company has been talking to me about acting and so I’ll do a little more communication on that project this week.

I’ve also been getting emails from some fans in Norway and other foreign places in South Africa and such and I recently realized that it is from “Book of Ruth” that is playing in about ten countries as well as a half-dozen US TV networks. I think Ray N. and I are close to launching a few other biblical dramas and so that will be fun. I love period pieces and so I’m sure I will be producing many in the near future.

I’ll leave this all here for now – I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


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