“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Congrats to a Young CDI Tribe Member!

What a beautiful day here in Michigan. I’ve been working to get the garden ready that provides fresh veggies for a good part of the year. Venison steaks and grilled corn were last nights menu items and how I love them both. Today my business partner Jeff Kennedy is having their son Jackson graduate from high school and prepare to enter college at Michigan State University. He was top of his class and I’m happy that all those years around the crazy CDI tribe did not have him going Drew Barrymore on us.  We have another soccer match Sunday and I’m deeply enjoying all these are wonderful distractions. Why? My “TO DO” lists have expanded beyond my one legal pad page and well into a second page this past week.  Let’s look at a few of the things going on in the movie circle.

We are soon to announce a slate of films with a new partnership out west that includes a couple of CDI westerns and the kick off on that slate is “Soul Eater” a stand alone prequel to the wicked horror film “The 8th Plague”.

We are very close on kicking off a few faith films in the wake of the continued success of “Book of Ruth” and I for one enjoy these films which remind me of the old Charlton Heston films.

Speaking of faith films Dean Teaster’s “Long Road Home” is front running on a MI slate of films that we’re pushing hard to launch. Pureflix Ent. (Randy Travis company) has put an offer to distribute down and so we are close here. I really would like to see this slate go so that some of the artists here can be put to work. If you have an interested in being a partner on one of these feel free to contact via the http://www.cdiproductions.com site. You can read all about the new CDI associated film slate that is rolling out now to theaters, private screening parties and L.A. showings for distributors. READ UP!

Tickets for the next June 13th “7 Stones” screening party in Saugatuck, MI can be purchased at http://www.3rdcoastfilm.com

Also on June 13th at Dick Clark Productions we are having a distributor screening of “Darkest Night” http://www.darkestnightmovie.com a truly frightening “found footage” movie. Interested distributors contact me to get you on the list.

Aug. 7th is the Domestic release of “Deadly Renovations” and they are prepping hard on that. Put that on your calendars! http://www.deadlyrenovations.com

Aside from all that “Donors” is in post-production, a few TV shows in development and working to finalize a large studio “making of” project. I’ve got eight films talking to me about acting roles so I’ve been sorting through all that. I was also trying to do a 2 min sizzle reel of sorts on myself but I’m finding it hard to capture my career in 2 min. A couple of these films are foreign films which I find exciting because my work reaches new audiences and my US fans get exposed to some talented foreign artists. It was hinted at that I might be flown back to the Philippines in Nov. for the kick off release of “Darkest Night” in theaters there.

So with all this personal and company business things have been a little bit busy. I’m not going to complain I just keep my head down and work hard. I know when I need a mental break and so I break it up with a little yard work or other relaxing activities. Today will be one of those days with beer and grilled goods as we toast Jackson Kennedy. He made it through high school with high honors AND made a great choice with MSU!

Go Green!

Go White!

Have a great weekend!


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