“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Blockbuster Release and Business Updates!

What a solid week it was for business and such. I love my Saturdays sipping coffee and giving you all a peek into the life I lead. I’m often one for just staying focused on what I need to do and not engaging in too much outside back and forth. My last few blogs that centered on the film “Realizism” (the default title since director Mitch had his hands tied on that issue) whereas I was ASKED to point out things that I saw that could be improved upon. I’m happy to see from the high traffic that the words were heard. And if those words help one or two students move to the next level – great. Job done. If some read only what they want to read – and take their own skewed  meaning – I can’t control that. Anyway – they wrapped principal photography and I think we put some professional work down on camera. They had a wrap party yesterday and I hope they do pat each other on the back but also look at where they could improve.  I was told that my words of truth offended a few people. Well, we self evaluate every shoot and look at what we did right. Those things often  become policy and what could be improved upon is noted without hurt feelings. These kids will be moving to the real world and I hope they are ready for a different set of challenges.

We’ve been in full speed ahead mode for distribution. “Deadly Renovations” is getting some good reviews and retail buyers are taking to the film. It releases August 21st and this week saw us get picked up for online/in-store buy with BLOCKBUSTER. We will be bringing you VOD information in the coming weeks.

“Locked in a Room” is in negotiations and I’m excited about the release being put together nationally on that film.

“Darkest Night” is negotiating US/domestic offers and working some foreign deals. In one of our meetings I was told of the wide South Korea release being put together. Also a Philippine theatrical where they are talking about me going there to promote the opening after Thanksgiving. While there I will be playing the bad guy in the TV pilot for KINSHIP OF DEATH.  It is their AMERICAN HORROR STORY and it has a network time slot and if ratings are good we shoot the 1st season in early 2013. I also got the new script for “The Beast” which is the next GPI/CDI feature film.

A new CDI associated film has been in the works and next week we will have some announcements. I will be helping one of my peers produce and playing a role in a powerful story. I’ve already got some major interest in the soundtrack and have started distribution talks. This month is development, next month starts pre-prod and October should be our shoot month. We’ve started some initial cast and crew talks while we finalize our company deal. Stay TUNED!

I’ve also had a good amount of interest in me participating in upcoming film roles. I’ve had casting directors from the west coast in touch with me this week. I’ve also had some direct talks with directors and producers. Many options.  What is meant to be will be. But it looks like I will stay in the USA for late Summer/Early Fall and end the year in the Philippines.

We do have some great development films that have been submitted to funding sources and we are awaiting word. So 2013 is being planned now. I look forward to bringing fans/audiences more stories. I wish each of you a great weekend. Enjoy!


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