“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Advance Notice on CDI’s New Associated Film & More…

It is feeling a bit like fall outside and I LOVE it! It is my favorite time of year and today will include garden work, grilling and fire pit. I might even get to starting the new BEER making. Let me give a few cool business run-down.

First August 21st is the official release of “Deadly Renovations” on DVD so get to amazon.com or your favorite retailer and give it a buy/rent. I hope you all enjoy the film. The critics have been enjoying it and so I’m very happy it is releasing. We are also in talks with the UK for a release.

“Darkest Night” will screen at the Filipino Arts and Cinema, International (FACINE) film festival has accepted and will be screening “Darkest Night” as a part of its film lineup. The 14th annual FACINE festival is slated to begin in late October in San Francisco, California.

“Donors” trailer will be releasing very soon! The back and forth final negotiations on “Locked in a Room” are almost complete. We are looking at a good release on the film domestically and once I can spill the beans I will. “7 Stones” still having final audio work done.

For those who subscribe here to the blog you get an advance news on “Ashes of Eden”. CDI has officially associated itself with filmmaker Shane Hagedorn. I will be producing and playing a very cool character in the script. It is best described as an “Urban American Graffiti” both gritty and inspirational. This week a more complete press release will go out including some teaser art. We’ve been in talks with locations, scheduling and looking at cast and crew. Cameras are planning to roll this October. Old friend Dominic from Ahptic Productions is our DP and I’m excited to be working with him again after all these years. “Knight Chills” was the last time we collaborated with one another. Stay tuned!

Many deals underway for TV/rights sales on the CDI library of films. Also financing on a string of biblical/inspirational films is almost complete. “The Book of Ruth, Journey of Faith” has been selling great including now being available at Wal-Mart. If you see it snap and email me a pic to perrydj@aol.com .

I think I’ve covered much of what consumed my week. In addition development continues and I see even more films getting ready to roll! I’ve read script(s) (more still to read) and may play a few acting roles in other projects shooting at the year’s end. That is IF I can work the schedules. OK. Well off to more coffee and some breakfast. From there a wonderful day of getting things done at the homestead!

Have a great weekend!


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