“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Demons, Donors, Directing & Death

Awoke to a beautiful snow on this fine Saturday. Yesterday was an unusual day for me since I had to go to a memorial for a high school classmate. We were friends for several years after high school and life sometimes just takes you in different directions. I heard from people who said they almost got together at Christmas but something came up. You always just say next year when we don’t know if next year will come. We talked about many good stories and laughed over several great moments from those days gone by. Live in the now and know that life here is finite. Okay and now onto some entertainment updates.

Some of you know that a handful of years ago I produced a TV show shot in Costa Rica. It is the only show I’ve had my name on as a director. Many issues came about on a business level that resulted in that show being shelved. Now under new ownership Nadia Dawn and I are producing/finishing the show. It will fly under the new CDI Television branding that we are about to announce. It focuses on TV and New Media properties and this show will be the flagship. Expect things to heat up on this show “The Beauty Within”.

I got to watch the cut of “Donors” http://www.donorsthemovie.com that is now in our post facility and scoring of music has begun. I saw the opening credits that had great graphics from Brett Frame mixed with haunting music. I think the show is more Hitchcock in tone. I think that Niki Saletta the lead did an amazing job in the film.

“Ashes of Eden” http://www.ashesofedenmovie.com is now at the 60 min edit mark and scene after scene just looks powerful. Shane Hagedorn is doing a great job and I think this film will put him at that next level for sure.

We just had PR hit on the talks we are having with director Sergio Myers about “The 8th Plague” prequel SOUL EATER. Read about it at the link below


“Locked in a Room” has been staying in the Best sell Google Play charts and is now on Amazon Instant and iTunes for rent/sell so if you have not seen it yet check it out. Big congrats to that team of artists.

Last week so several screeners go out to new licensor companies and so we will see some more outlets for our films to play worldwide.

My “Somnium” film has pushed into April which isn’t good for my scheduling but it happens. In the meantime I had a few more acting projects coming along. One I turned down and the other I’m in talks on. I really liked their script and that can be a rare thing. I will keep everyone informed about that as things develop. Other than that I’ve been getting tax stuff around and fighting a small cold but otherwise I can’t complain. I hope you all have a great weekend. Be safe on the St. Patty’s day and remember to cherish the family and friends around you. We can be very self-absorbed artists because it takes so much focus to make these things happen. You do have to make that time otherwise a day will come where you wish you would. My momma is back from Florida and I’m sure she is not loving the snow.


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