“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

A Special B-Day AND Achieving Balance

I want to start my blog by wishing my brother a very happy birthday. He is an incredible artist in his own. I might be more of a performance artists but he is awesome at work with his hands. He can draw, paint, sculpt, wood burning and the list goes on. We had a great childhood growing up together and even lived together for a handful of years as adults. We still see each other every week if I’m not away shooting a film. He as well as many of my close family and friends are the main reason I don’t live near a hub city. Despite the fact I’m not a city person I just could not be one of those people who see their loved ones once a year or every couple of years. Others can make that move and devote more of themselves to their career path. So I chose the longer path to where I wanted to go so that I could still have all that in my life. I love making movies but I also love the people in my life.  It is a balance that everyone must work to achieve.

In my world of film it has been good, consistent work. I’m working with our post-house and supervisor to complete the music score on “Donors” and the TV series “Supermodel Showdown – The Beauty Within” which has been fun to revisit. I’m also working my patience because our new E.P. is NOT in our business. He seems to be part of the masses that think you wave a magic wand and stuff just gets done. It always amuses me (better than offend) that people so underestimate what we do as artists. Both in the performance and in the creation of these properties. When just anyone thinks they can just step in – say a few lines, smile and hey I’m an actor. I would love to do that to others – “Hey, back up I’ll finish this triple by-pass” or “Take 5 I’ll land the plane for us all” or how about ” Throw me those beakers I can mix us up some chemicals”… I think you get the point. So just a wave of my magic wand and I’ll have this all done in no time flat.

This week I also had some great development talks and we are looking to place more of the films at networks or to foreign territories. We are starting to prep for the July release of http://www.darkestnightmovie.com and we will see how US audiences take to the Philippine nightmare. If you like horror “Deadly Renovations” and “Locked in a Room” are out there on the market. There is still “Donors” moving down the line also.

This month we will see the film “Realizism” which is a comedy drama with a heartfelt message. It was directed by Mitch Nyberg and was shot in conjunction with Grand Valley University. It mixed seasoned professionals with students. It will play next week in Grand Rapids on the big screen before DVD’s go for sale.

I think we will leave this update for now. I hope this cold passes and we can get back to working in the yard. I’m looking forward to getting the garden going and cleaning up the yard from post office build.


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