“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Holiday Weekend Updates

The weather here in Michigan went from 80’s to downright cold yesterday. Our funny saying was “What a beautiful fall day” but the issue being that it is May:) Well last week was a full week of business and domestic yard duties. My Morel mushrooms got to picking size and we had venison burgers and shrooms and it worked out great. The grill got fired up again last night with a big ole 4H steak. If you have a 4H around you I encourage you to try it. We usually get a whole pig, a 1/4 cow and a deer in the fall. The meat tastes very different. It looks like next up might be fresh eggs as we are exploring a small coop. After I finish this writing it is off to mow the yard that shot up after our couple days of rain. Tonight will be a little Full Moon bon fire. Again a good time to recharge the batteries with a few family and friends.

On the film/TV tip we now have many deals with CDI Distribution underway with various foreign territories. We’ve got some great development work going on with films that will make excellent stories. In post the “Supermodel Showdown” is looking great and we have much interest in this show already. It is very unique in that it shows the show and the making of the show all at once. The music for “Donors” is going strong and soon it will just be sound design and final mix. We’ve already had a 1st distribution offer on that film as well. The hunger for our product makes me feel good.

I’m very excited about “Darkest Night” releasing this July and “Ashes of Eden” which is soon to lock edit and start sound work. I’ve also had a handful of possible acting roles come at me and so it is just weighing the art and the business and deciding which projects would make sense. I am in talks on a UK/Russia film that has that “Snatch” sort of feel. It is a follow-up to a popular UK film franchise and I like what I’ve seen. The roles that are meant to work out always do.

Well I know many of you are also on holiday with family and friends so I will make this short. Also I need to go give this yard a good mowing so have a safe and fun-filled weekend.


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