“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu


I’m sipping some hazelnut coffee and relaxing a few back at the condo before we go into our last day of the week on BESTSELLER. http://www.bestsellerthemovie.com  The film is the current thriller that CDI is producing and I’m co-starring in. I have to say we have been earning our pieces of footage each and every day via hard work and cooperation. Petoskey in late October has a bite for sure. We have some great artists working on the film and they are being challenged daily. I think several are more experienced in shorts and commercial and so the challenge here is just the endurance challenge. This is further out to sea than most have traveled. This is a shorter voyage for me and not in a far away place but it will leave a newly seasoned crew better suited for feature work. Most all the keys have fought the feature-length challenges and so they are showing the way. I had 3 days straight of high intensity and yesterday my voice was all Eastwood and rough. We are moving to interiors for our last day of the week and I only have one major talking scene so that will help recovery. I will use Sunday to additionally rest the pipes.  Overall I think this will be my strongest thriller produced to date.

I am just off the phone with our post supervisor and things are really sounding great with “Ashes of Eden” and I could not be happier. That will be exiting just as “Bestseller” is entering. I’m excited to bring both these projects to audiences worldwide. I’ve got other film things in motion and will have more to update you all on once I get a few more pieces in place. In the meantime I have an accounting meeting and have to get ready for tonight’s shooting. After that one more week and it will be a wrap. Have a great weekend and stay warm if you are in the midwest. Thank you Canada for all that cold air coming our way. I will appreciate that when I’m freezing in the water next week. Lastly, go MSU:)


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