“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Character Development & Laying Foundations

It’s the early afternoon and I’m typing from my new computer. This week I’ve been trying to set up what will be my work tool for the next couple years. My last MAC was a great work horse and if I get the same from this one I will be very happy. I’m still trying to get some of my key software moved onto this computer. It is no secret that I’m not a computer wiz. I do get by but technology is one of the few things that can really disrupt my zen. So far my patience has been pretty good. This morning was nice whereas I went to an estate sale of someone who was at least in part a brewer of wine & beer. This is a hobby I also share and so I picked up a few books, a siphon and even some random wines that this fella made. So I will get to taste someone else’s fruits of their labor. I also got a nice coat of arms for the office. This week I also found a character piece. I often like to have some object that I help build a role around. Sometimes you may never see the object be it a ring, a coin in the pocket or so on. This object is an old wood hammer. It may give some hint as to the type of role I will be playing soon. This project is almost a full go and once it is we have a lot to announce on it. It has been in development for a while and will be a fun challenge. Let’s look at some of the other updates.

This coming week I will be releasing some 1st artwork and PR on “Wicked Spring,” and “Donors” films. We had a great review on “Donors” by genre author Nancy Gideon.

“Ashes of Eden” has had a one month push due to talks with Wal-Mart on release dates. I’m sure that announcement will be going out.

“Bestseller” FX and opening credits are done and this week we should have our first pass on sound design all done. A second pass to make sure all is there and music work will begin.

Five CDI films are being sent for consideration to a pair of TV networks we’ve done business with before.

“Knight Chills II” will have a press release this week with some new info and some 1st teaser artwork. Some first distributor talks have also started on this title.

We had a meeting over a few of the earlier CDI titles discussed getting released this year on DVD/VOD.

TV and foreign buyer discussions also continue and I think we will see many more titles moving throughout the world marketplace.

The end of the year State filings and other non-sexy movie work has also taken some of my focus and time.

With the hard work paying off we should have some solid movement in the next two weeks from development into pre-production. I’ve been balancing my time between the forthcoming role(s) and producing work. My two scripts I have in process have slowed while I try to get my software onto my new computer. But this foundation work will all pay off. The CORNERSTONE to it all. SQUARE business. Keep it all on the LEVEL.

Have a great weekend and a productive week ahead!


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