“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Happy Mother’s Day! UPDATES from CDI (May)

Norway, France, Nigeria and more have joined us this past week. I want to start by giving a nice shout out to all the mom’s out there. We had a wonderful day with our mother’s yesterday which including a little hiking about, lunch and desert. I know not everyone still has their mother with them and I’m so very grateful to have mine. She has always been a wonderful supporter of my art and of me. Thank you momma, I love you very much.

This week was a productive one and this week ahead should be even more so. Let’s look at some of the updates from the past week and look ahead.

  1. This week we’ll start more BESTSELLER promotions. The film will release on DVD and digital purchase on May 31st. We will start sharing links to pre-order or stream as they appear. This Michigan based thriller is extremely intense and if scary is your cup of tea you should be well pleased. Above is the DVD wrap from Deskpop Entertainment.
  2. BEST YEARS GONE announced last week that the BareBones International Film & Music Festival awarded us the runner up in both DRAMEDY and ROMANCE. We’ll be up for a few more festivals but audiences world wide soon can watch and make up their own minds on July 5th! Included below is the DVD wrap from Deskpop Entertainment.

3) I’ve started some outlining and even the first pages of the next book to script to film projects. My hint is that the book is by the same author whose book (Hope From Heaven) we adapted for BEST YEARS GONE. I’m very excited to put this story to script and once completed we’ll see where it fits into our production schedule.

4) HOT ROD LOVE is starting to rev up. We had to push from our first projected shoot dates because we’ve been slowed a bit because of the immense amount of work flow we currently have. Four releases planned between now and the year’s end (Bestseller, Best Years Gone, For the Love of Catch, Smoke & Mirrors)- we’ve had a few of the units taken and our talks with sponsors are underway. We’re about to engage with more of our pool this month. We have some great things in store with this story.

5) We’ll be doing the formal PR announcement about MAN’S BEST FRIEND and WILD FAITH going to NBC/Peacock once we have dates. This isn’t really any different from many of the deals we have with platforms save the very large audience base. I hope these two films are just the beginning of a bridge for our CDI product. We will continue to pursue our various possible avenues for the WILD FAITH TV series Hastings. More on that in the weeks to come!

6) We’ve started to deliver assets on FOR THE LOVE OF CATCH and once those are all received we’ll get release dates. We are also still exploring premiere possibilities including a large festival. This documentary is a very entertaining look at the history of grappling.

7) Also the assets for the KNIGHT CHILLS special BluRay have started to be moved over. Also working on a KNIGHT CHILLS/FROM VENUS Classic CDI Double Feature for Christmas time. Knight Chills will also be heading to streaming with Deskpop Entertainment along with three other CDI films. Lastly this 1st CDI film is getting a video game made of it. I hope to have some teaser in the coming months.

8) SILENT NIGHT IN ALGONA teaser has been exciting fans. Upcoming VFX BTS videos, new poster art and such will be rolling out in the coming weeks. An extended trailer will be done before the December showing of the film in Iowa. We’re all very excited about this movie. We’ll keep dripping some stills out in the meantime.

9) We’ve been having good talks on new CDI merchandise. If you have any good ideas feel free to let us know. I would like to see Tee-Shirts and might be looking to partner with a MI based company. BIGFOOT, UFOS & JESUS tee-shirt?

10) Outdoor soccer season is underway and man did it feel good to get outside and battle. We did not win our first game against last seasons champs but had a great match. I love the workout which is second to none in my opinion. Two gents fighting to hold ground, control the ball and push it up field. It is truly a battle and without the pads of some sports.


So we did attend the flea market and first I found a 70’s hat that as the owner said, might have traveled to Woodstock. It is broken in and badass and just might be a character hat. I found a few other treasures such as a pair of beer barrel signs of my favorite Dane beer Tuborg and my high school beer Black Label. Add a hardcover book find of Ashida Kim’s SECRETS OF THE NINJA (80’s kids will get it) and fletching feathers to repair my archery arrows. I also got us a few yard items – just a fun day kicking around.

I’m going to go do a few things in the yard today including setting up the water fountain. I’m happy to have a string of good days ahead to assist in getting things done. We set up a new outdoor fire chiminea from Christmas and I look forward to using that. It helps to burn up many of the small sticks in the yard. The new composter is working its magic and I’ve been slow refilling the wood bins. We are talking about planting clover and other more natural ground covering versus just grass. The stand up planters will need to be planted although some plants from last year are already sprouting. I love to do some of my computer work and after make calls while tooling about the grounds. That connection with nature helps bring balance. I hope everyone has a great week ahead. We’ll talk next week.

Coffee Cheers!


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