“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

One Casting Story…another friend lost….

Hmmm…second cup of hazelnut coffee and my mind is stirring with thoughts.  It is the day two which is always an intensely sore day after our epic Sunday soccer battles. We won 5-2 in a searing hot clash. We have been spoiled with the fall like days here in Michigan. My updates may be a touch random here but let us see…..


First my heart is sad that Bob Terrell a famous southern writer of books and articles passed away a few weeks ago but I just heard yesterday. If you look up the book TEASTER on amazon.com you can get the book written off my Ghost Town screenplay. I’m glad I got to know him. Years earlier in Wyoming at the house of some nice ranchers I glanced over some coffee table books be Bob Terrell. Funny how I would meet him many years later and he would pen a book off my screenplay. Very sad to see a friend pass but he lived a full life. ….


I worked with Tony Hornus on some final script tweaks on “A State of Hate” the script that will put Detective Lynn Kendall back into action. “An Ordinary Killer” hits a wide release on October 20th, 2009 and if horror is your thing “Blood Ties” releases the same day. Both are for pre-order on amazon.com now. ….


“Wild Michigan” is going to age me a hundred years I swear. We are still working stuff our domestically on the film with Vivendi/Universal. We have great talent circling and this movie officially takes the cake as the biggest pain in my ass of my career. This movie will launch! “Make my words!” (Trailer Park Boys – watch it!) ….


I’m suppose to go to Texas to shoot for a few days coming up but I’m waiting on dates. I also will have a good announcement soon about a big project that I have been cast in as the lead. I want to wait until final paperwork is signed. Also “Renovation” will film at years end in Yuma, AZ. ….


I was actually contacted by the LA casting director on another period piece film shooting in Michigan and went in for a read. First off with long hair and wild west mustache I don’t look like what I was going into read. I know the producer and a local agent was made aware of the opposing look and so I thought all was good.  Wrong! I wore a non-distracting black cap backwards to pull my hair out of my face and showcase eyes and emotion. First thing this local casting person had me do was remove me hat so I would “look closer to the character”…WHAT? A practice read and she starts giving me direction that I should read more intense. Okay, first I think I had the script before she did. Second, I’m getting quite proficient at breaking down and understanding characters.  Also Michigan has a commercial reputation from the auto 80’s and so OVERACTING is a Michigan specialty. So I allowed myself to get internally pissed. Come to find out this casting lady had been a schoolteacher, no surprise there.  So I’m sure that my read was quite sub-par because I just wanted to get the F#@%#@ out of that room. I don’t quite expect a call on that film. I’m sure my eyes were burning like Mason in “The 8th Plague” versus the cool, calm, collect nature of the character. The things that actors have to sometimes deal with. Michigan needs to get their shit straight so their talent can grow…..


I’m sure I’m leaving more updates out but they will be addressed in other updates. I hope everyone has a great remaining week. Work hard!….

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