“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu


Live each day as your last…

So many people never do for fear of failure. Change comes from trying and learning. You should not put off that call, visit or action that you’ve been meaning to do. The thing is life can be short and how you live will be remembered long after you are gone. Know that random acts of kindness create random results in our own lives.

The news has been blasting the past few days about a double murder in Owosso, Michigan. The first person was an activist and that helped capture national attention. The second killing was a businessman who happened to be our first investor in “Wild Michigan” and how tragic a story. Despite the fact we are dealing with a dishonest person who has hurt the projects earlier launch we will make that film. It has struck the CDI group hard. One of our producers had spent some time with him the night before and he had no idea what was to come that morning. Do you? Do I? Many good friends and family have gone in the last year or two. So while we are able to keep chasing our dreams others are at rest, their chase ended. PEACE.

So enjoy the struggles of life in part. That is life. A million dollars will not remove struggle. A new house, new car…still struggles. I can honestly say that I am at peace and enjoy my life, family and friends. I still work very hard and I enjoy the end results. Let us talk about a few of those updates.

The movie SAVAGE is getting ready for a festival premiere.


I hear KARMA, CRIME, PASSION, REINCARNATION is playing a Belgium Festival and going to theaters in the UK.


BOOK OF RUTH is gearing up for a distribution run and they will settle all their business first. Very excited to see this get out there. Join the MYSPACE site for updates!

Tuesday Sept. 15th KNIGHT CHILLS releases on Indieflix.com and will be also on amazon.com and VOD there.

Fans of DEAN TEASTER’S GHOST TOWN are welcome to visit the park and see where we filmed. Here is Stella Parton singing to Robert Bradley (both are co-stars in the film)


I’m reading lines and getting ready for RENOVATION which will be a great project. More updates here soon.  Here is a cool interview with my female co-star Charlene Khalaf.


Anyway, it was a chill weekend getting stuff done. It was funny while doing work I watched MIRACLE AT SAGE CREEK which was on 2 channels and watched many of my friends and after that was a western with a young Renee O’Connor called FOLLOW THE RIVER. I love seeing friends doing their thing.

I have a practice soccer match today before the playoffs start. It will be a fun day.

Take care everyone and live fully!

Signs, signs everywhere are signs!

As I relax into another day of the weekend starting with my beloved coffee (I have to get a coffee sponsorship) any coffee companies have your people contact my people. I always wanted a reason to say that!  I’m serious, as I have a few great products that look to myself for endorsement. ONE DROP HOT SAUCE, look it up, try it, love it. I grill OFTEN and I really like their product. I’m talking with them about promotional product tie-in’s with WILD MICHIGAN. I’m a lover of hot sauces and I prefer flavor over just HOT.

MSU (my alumni school) won their first football game and while out and about I saw “HIRING” signs at a few businesses and SOLD signs on a few houses in the area. These just seem to be little sign that things are moving in the right direction. I went into this weekend feeling GREAT! Many hardships and battles over the last 18 months and some good victories along the way. I feel we have our HOUSE in order at CDI finally. Many goals that we had set have been put within reach now and it is by the hard work of everyone involved but especially my generals.

Next week many things will be put into motion and for that I feel very blessed. I can’t get into it all but several projects have packaged up nicely and other negotiations have gone in our favor. Why should they not I ask? We have always tried to do good things for all the right reasons  and we have encountered a few forces that would like to have seized on what they thought was an easy meal. WRONG! Several things are all coming together that should firmly make CDI a player in the years to come.

“Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town” would be considered GOLD to PLATINUM if it was a single album. October is a good release month with a CDI project AN ORDINARY KILLER and a Jeff Burton film BLOOD TIES both out October 20th on DVD. It sounds like KARMA, CRIME, PASSION, REINCARNATION that released theatrically in June in India is hitting the UK next. SAVAGE that I originally penned has a premiere this month.


See FEARMAKER STUDIOS for more info…

And projects for acting are many and so I’m looking to be on-set quite a bit the end of the year here and next year will be a busy one as well. I’m excited to announce some of these when the ink dries. I will say that I should be in Texas and Arizona at years end and this fall we are busting to re-organize and shoot “Wild Michigan” before snow flies. I know many people would love to see that happen and so we work hard on everyones behalf. I’m here to say it will happen it just has been a major struggle because one element outside our organization was dishonest and a liar. Every dog has its day and this dog is hungry.

I hope everyone is getting some good quality time in with family and friends because life is really about that at the end of the day. I love what I do even when the doing is difficult. I’m here to tell you that if you follow your heart with hard work the desired results will start to manifest. They seldom happen as fast as we think our patience can bear or unfold as ultimately planned in our ideal little thoughts. BUT… the universe does have a plan for each and every one of us and so breath deep, try to take nothing personally and be happy for the half full versus the half empty.

Happy weekend!

DJ the dreamer, DJ the determined, DJ the lover of the coffee bean:)

Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve created!


So normally I type my emails on a word program and send to Pepper’s fansite (yes my blogging is from her prompting), myspace and a few others when I can remember. The goal is/was to give other artists an insight into the trials and tribulations endured day to day or week to week. I debate within myself over the pros and cons of this new communication. I’ve always loved SciFi and so you think I would be the 1st to jump on new tech. It has made communication with folks in my field easier. Where it use to be road trips for the Detroit Production FreeLancer Balls or other such functions I do find that I’ve reclaimed more of my personal life back. The dream does not consume everything now and I guess in some part I owe that to technology. It also is the reason I agreed to do this. Fans? Flattering and an honor to be part of someone’s special time of entertainment and escape from the hardships we all occasionally face. But it is important to for rising artists to know the struggle is natural, you’re not the first and won’t be the last, and you can succeed.

Bards and storytellers and the people who took the deeds of others (usually hunters or warriors) and highlighted their actions so in the darker times HOPE could be found. History and a sense of community and security are achieved. Okay, that sounds kind of like facebook, myspace as these are the personal mythology of these individuals.

So now I’m typing on a fancy data board that will help disperse the BLOG to other places. I’ve been happy to know that the readers are out there. I’m also a very direct person who will tell it how it is. Also there is a time where words are a waste until action is achieved. But I use these networks to promote and bring awareness to projects. I will learn SYYPE if it keeps me from some long flights and I can go enjoy the zen of my space moments after I click off. I had to get a new Bluetooth which I will use this week on calls. My last one was low charge and fuzzy so I took it off in the car and when I stopped for gas it was flung from my lap.

I’m so very excited about the coming months. First fall is my favorite time of year and it has felt like that here in Michigan. HOT coffee (which I have now) goes so good when the morning has that chill. I like watching MSU football on Sat afternoons. We have our last regular season soccer game today and this is the best conditions to run in for almost 2 hours.

Also biz is working itself out and the story time is near. As in all ventures where one sets his sights high, problems will be there. I imagine sometimes when Columbus was going around trying to raise funds so he could go sail off the edge of the earth. (In some opinions) I’m just amazed more at what people did when communication was all letters and travel was months not days. Top that off with shorter life spans and it makes historic figures more impressive.

Now not all journeys made were good ones, ask the Native Americans or the Native Australians, etc… but exploration is in human nature. I’m very proud of the shifts in cleaner technology and power and I guess as a younger man I always saw myself as the cutting edge and grandma’s ways were the old ways. All grandparents passed on and a younger more technological adept and dependent generation, are the cutting edge. I just pull what I like from the new and add it to the tried and true. Some might be saying DAMNIT DJ, this is not a reflection on getting experienced (Notice I didn’t say old) Maybe because mature is more proper but I also still feel as child-like as when I was 15 years old.

So the movie news. LOTS of buzz over giving my interest on a film script with writer/director John Regan.




John and I have been friends since doing THE FLOCK many years ago. John is VERY talented and I think he has realized that the plucked from the masses and made famous is a seldom act. Most often it is built on blood, sweat and tears. Hardship, disappointment and so forth, but as my father has always told me. You appreciate things earned versus things given and that is so true even to this day.

Because of every setback I’ve had, we’ll use WILD MICHIGAN, it will make it that much sweeter when we are shooting or the lights dim and the movie plays. It isn’t just the story itself but it represents the struggle and the journey. For many out there, unless you have ever produced you are not qualified to judge. Some seek employment and others employee others. The latter is much harder and not nearly as selfish. I could have a career as just an actor and throw writer in there but I guess I enjoy the challenge. Also I’ve told a few people before that one of my favorite things to do was “write a check” and I’ll tell you why. I liken it to feeding your beloved dog with your hands, a practice that develops bonding. It is a pleasure to empower someone with the PROFESSIONAL BOND. A artist that is paid to create his art side by side with other artists. In Egypt did people look up and say, “My father helped carve that face,” I don’t know. Maybe they said “Grandpa designed that tomb and we think he’s locked inside.”

I just believe and I hope others believe that by creating these projects they are making some lasting. I rambled off the path again. WILD MICHIGAN. I was told recently that I was “Too kind and trusting” and this was where a few folks tried to take advantage of a situation. That said, I can also be stern and forthright when I feel I’m standing with truth. I know much buzz concerning our WILD MICHIGAN project is buzzing and so I will say it is my intention to shoot this fall.

We have circumvented all dishonest elements and are restructuring as we speak. I’m proud of many of our people, not without the occasional disappointment. It is easy to be the ray of positive when all IS positive but real character is revealed when the chips are down. Take George Washington at Valley Forge. Those officers who showed great character despite the frostbite, hunger, lack of patience… who stood steadfast? I’m sure those people were noted and somehow stayed in Washington’s circle later in life. Even if they did not, I’m sure that that fortitude and character displayed brought them opportunity.

Most all of the people I have surrounded myself with are because of my belief in that artistic ability and character. Some new people brought in are because others vouched for their character. Know that we are always judged by our character. I also know that truth and perceived truth can also be hard to define. So to all out there carry the Collective Development ideals. Be good to one another. Don’t give in to false information and gossip. Don’t highlight someone’s shortcomings to benefit yourself somehow. Lift someone up, brush them off and give them the truth, even if they don’t like it. Next time it could be you on the ground.

If you are addicted to everyone knowing your business you can TWITTER “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

You will see who helps you up or steps on you or over you. The greater gift may be the one who inspires you to stand, dust yourself off and start the march again. Some help by example and that is what I try to be.

I wish a wonderful week to everyone.


As it should be…

Today is one of those nice chilly Fall-like days and later I’m going to a family gathering at Pa Perry’s and so that will be fun. This week will be a good week as we get to the bottom of several issues. It is all just change really and most often that is a very positive thing. I had a few more offers on movie projects and I just have to weigh everything out and look closely at my schedule. I have to say that while I’m a person who likes to go in with trust and open heart to new working relationships, we are not without teeth. A few folks on different fronts have been allowed to run their course. Others call it, giving them enough rope to hang themselves. That is kind of a gruesome saying actually. We have always just looked for other good folks with skill sets that when combined develop a collective property of art thrust out with a business push. So we have some restructuring going on within the company getting ready for big growth. We have a bright future and through all the struggles we have had in the last year I see the end of the tunnel. Soon I see everything as it should be!

Another soccer war tomorrow and so we will see if we can again be victorious! Enjoy your weekend, your family and friends and keep working towards your dreams!


One Casting Story…another friend lost….

Hmmm…second cup of hazelnut coffee and my mind is stirring with thoughts.  It is the day two which is always an intensely sore day after our epic Sunday soccer battles. We won 5-2 in a searing hot clash. We have been spoiled with the fall like days here in Michigan. My updates may be a touch random here but let us see…..


First my heart is sad that Bob Terrell a famous southern writer of books and articles passed away a few weeks ago but I just heard yesterday. If you look up the book TEASTER on amazon.com you can get the book written off my Ghost Town screenplay. I’m glad I got to know him. Years earlier in Wyoming at the house of some nice ranchers I glanced over some coffee table books be Bob Terrell. Funny how I would meet him many years later and he would pen a book off my screenplay. Very sad to see a friend pass but he lived a full life. ….


I worked with Tony Hornus on some final script tweaks on “A State of Hate” the script that will put Detective Lynn Kendall back into action. “An Ordinary Killer” hits a wide release on October 20th, 2009 and if horror is your thing “Blood Ties” releases the same day. Both are for pre-order on amazon.com now. ….


“Wild Michigan” is going to age me a hundred years I swear. We are still working stuff our domestically on the film with Vivendi/Universal. We have great talent circling and this movie officially takes the cake as the biggest pain in my ass of my career. This movie will launch! “Make my words!” (Trailer Park Boys – watch it!) ….


I’m suppose to go to Texas to shoot for a few days coming up but I’m waiting on dates. I also will have a good announcement soon about a big project that I have been cast in as the lead. I want to wait until final paperwork is signed. Also “Renovation” will film at years end in Yuma, AZ. ….


I was actually contacted by the LA casting director on another period piece film shooting in Michigan and went in for a read. First off with long hair and wild west mustache I don’t look like what I was going into read. I know the producer and a local agent was made aware of the opposing look and so I thought all was good.  Wrong! I wore a non-distracting black cap backwards to pull my hair out of my face and showcase eyes and emotion. First thing this local casting person had me do was remove me hat so I would “look closer to the character”…WHAT? A practice read and she starts giving me direction that I should read more intense. Okay, first I think I had the script before she did. Second, I’m getting quite proficient at breaking down and understanding characters.  Also Michigan has a commercial reputation from the auto 80’s and so OVERACTING is a Michigan specialty. So I allowed myself to get internally pissed. Come to find out this casting lady had been a schoolteacher, no surprise there.  So I’m sure that my read was quite sub-par because I just wanted to get the F#@%#@ out of that room. I don’t quite expect a call on that film. I’m sure my eyes were burning like Mason in “The 8th Plague” versus the cool, calm, collect nature of the character. The things that actors have to sometimes deal with. Michigan needs to get their shit straight so their talent can grow…..


I’m sure I’m leaving more updates out but they will be addressed in other updates. I hope everyone has a great remaining week. Work hard!….

Sunday update!


Today we go for our 3rd win in a row in soocer vs the former champs. Teamwork is paying off and win or lose it is always a great way to get a great work out. I also get to hang with many non-entertainment friends which as I noted before can be a great thing. ….


We got a batch of Mullberry wine underway now which should be ready in time for Xmas. Recently we bottled another batch of grape wine and in a month or so it should be perfect. I hope to share some of that with cast/crew as they come into town for “Wild Michigan” which I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel. If things proceed correctly we could be moving to bank out and bonding by end of next week. It could drag a 2nd week as we align all elements but at least the major US studio portion will be complete. I’ve been speaking with management of a few other stars who should seal up the last of the cast. I thank the patient cast and crew and as for the not-so-patient…better learn that skill in this lifetime. ….


 I will go south for a few days this month to film on an action/drama. The director/producer of another project I’m set to co-star in asked if I would come out and play a supporting character so we can also meet one another. So I will go to Texas for a few which I’m hearing is just a scorcher. Michigan is so nice right now! Speaking for the heat, “Renovation” is moving along. That is the thriller I signed onto star in at years end in AZ. See some new PR that states Lana Wood coming on board the film…..













Lana is also the Leading Lady being featured on www.djperryfanclub.com ran by Pepper in Texas. ….


Many other great things moving along and so stay tuned for some great announcements. ….


Hope your weekend was great!….