“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Stay in the sunshine…

I just deleted an update that concerned a business dealing where someone just did not do something they were meant to do. I no longer work with this person and I think once again this illustrated why. Had the biz relationship worked out it would still be in effect. But no time to dwell on someone who continues to perform in the same old way. Some things never change but we are about change. Positive change!

I would rather stay focused on the future and walk in the sunshine. ALL the bumps in the road have been cause for change. The changes ahead are big and so a new road lies ahead. We will look back one day and smile at the early days and the challenges. I’m meeting, learning and working with more experienced people in our industry and they are also now taking notice of my personal work (acting, writing) and also my work with THE TRIBE (CDI).  I’ve stated before that things often do NOT happen within our desired timeline . I still believe that when a story NEEDS to be told it seems to come together.

Not everyone may like to infuse the mystic “EVERYTHING IN ITS TIME” into the movie/storytelling process. But it cannot all be just about the shells and beads earned. To Patrick Swayze, I’m sure at the end of his journey it was about the people he touched with his stories not the dollars. Did he make people believe in love, justice, friendship and illustrate that with his work? Millions of dollars will not save you, me, Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks… and so the work itself can be priceless. It allows us to give long after we are gone. The art direction staff in THE WIZARD OF OZ probably mostly dead but not their work. Nobody can or will ever take DANCES WITH WOLVES away from Kevin Costner no matter what other box office numbers may or may not happen. Composer John Williams and his theme to STAR WARS will invoke chills for hundreds of years or more I’m sure.

In Conclusion:

In these hard times where we must also chase the paycheck remember that the art that you birth into this world will live long beyond the compensation does. To all of you that have given, are giving and will give…thank you.

This update is dedicated to Patrick Swayze and the many artists we lost this year. So we’ll talk business in another update.

DJ – The artist

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