“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Live each day as your last…

So many people never do for fear of failure. Change comes from trying and learning. You should not put off that call, visit or action that you’ve been meaning to do. The thing is life can be short and how you live will be remembered long after you are gone. Know that random acts of kindness create random results in our own lives.

The news has been blasting the past few days about a double murder in Owosso, Michigan. The first person was an activist and that helped capture national attention. The second killing was a businessman who happened to be our first investor in “Wild Michigan” and how tragic a story. Despite the fact we are dealing with a dishonest person who has hurt the projects earlier launch we will make that film. It has struck the CDI group hard. One of our producers had spent some time with him the night before and he had no idea what was to come that morning. Do you? Do I? Many good friends and family have gone in the last year or two. So while we are able to keep chasing our dreams others are at rest, their chase ended. PEACE.

So enjoy the struggles of life in part. That is life. A million dollars will not remove struggle. A new house, new car…still struggles. I can honestly say that I am at peace and enjoy my life, family and friends. I still work very hard and I enjoy the end results. Let us talk about a few of those updates.

The movie SAVAGE is getting ready for a festival premiere.


I hear KARMA, CRIME, PASSION, REINCARNATION is playing a Belgium Festival and going to theaters in the UK.


BOOK OF RUTH is gearing up for a distribution run and they will settle all their business first. Very excited to see this get out there. Join the MYSPACE site for updates!

Tuesday Sept. 15th KNIGHT CHILLS releases on Indieflix.com and will be also on amazon.com and VOD there.

Fans of DEAN TEASTER’S GHOST TOWN are welcome to visit the park and see where we filmed. Here is Stella Parton singing to Robert Bradley (both are co-stars in the film)


I’m reading lines and getting ready for RENOVATION which will be a great project. More updates here soon.  Here is a cool interview with my female co-star Charlene Khalaf.


Anyway, it was a chill weekend getting stuff done. It was funny while doing work I watched MIRACLE AT SAGE CREEK which was on 2 channels and watched many of my friends and after that was a western with a young Renee O’Connor called FOLLOW THE RIVER. I love seeing friends doing their thing.

I have a practice soccer match today before the playoffs start. It will be a fun day.

Take care everyone and live fully!

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