“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Cider dreams and movie updates…

Almost all coffee filled for the day and ready to tackle H2O and some yard work. I drink lots of water all through the day. Last night was filled with hard cider tasting as a buddy of mine also brews some home brews. I’ve had my fill of apple for the day.  Hence water again, but the rain is gone and a beautiful fall day is here. MSU is playing and so just a great day to soak in the vibes of the season.

Filming –

I’ve been getting ready for November working with some great upcoming filmmakers. I’m looking forward to seeing some old friends and making some new friends.  I go film in Yuma, AZ on a thriller called “Renovation” and so I’m looking forward to all that. Lines are not a problem just trying to find THE SOUL of that character. I’m getting there and I like the complex nature of the character.

KNIGHT CHILLS our 1st CDI movie that has become a classic low budget deal that shows what little resources and lots of heart can produce. It has been released in multipacks, special editions and now is out with http://www.indieflix.com and is on amazon.com and amazon VOD.

FROM VENUS the SciFi/Horror spoof marks CDI’s 2nd venture with Jeff Kennedy taking the director chair. We at CDI all loves this film because it is all about fun and is a Halloween theme. We are still a pirate ship of filmmakers at this time. You can see the evolution from KNIGHT CHILLS to FROM VENUS. Amber who co-starred went on to win Bret Michael’s heart in ROCK OF LOVE 2. That was trippy watching her on there when I remember her sleeping in the editing room. Funny. It will come to amazon.com and VOD on Oct. 20th.

FIGURE IN THE FOREST and HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS are CDI’s 4th and 3rd movie (yes I typed them backwards) and they are also on amazon VOD so you can have a CDI movie night. These four films marks CDI’s truly “indie” days of shooting non-union. Some day I want to have a box set with all four films and a 5th DVD or whatever format exists, that has us talking about trials and tribulations in the filmmaking experience.

“AN ORDINARY KILLER” marks CDI’s 5th or 6th movie pending where we put THE PATCHWORK GIRL OF OZ.  We are doing a holiday promotion while I still work the TV/DVD deals on our animated OZ feature. I got involved when I saw what animator Steve Young was trying to do. With the help of Dennis Therrian and myself we did an animated feature. Not Pixar or Disney but it is a first and maybe more will follow and they also will grow in scope. So under $10.00 with shipping at http://www.whatfunisthis.com BUY A COPY as a gift and support this venture.

“An Ordinary Killer” has a new website at www.triumphantpictures.com/anordinarykillermovie that is promoting the Oct. 20th release. This movie is being sold as what it is and that is a crime drama/thriller NOT a gore slasher.

I’m waiting on solid dates for “Book of Ruth” and T. Hornus is back in with Dennis T. on “Outside the Wire” … “Karma: Crime, Passion, Reincarnation” has 3 showings in November including its first US premiere in NYC on the 15th I think.


It is also playing Belgium and Brazil festivals in November. See IMDB.com for those festivals.

BLOOD TIES also releases on the 20th of October, cool horror flick by friends Jeff Burton and director Nathaniel Nose.

“Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town” will have a showing at AFM to sell the western around the globe.

Also I hear TANGY GUACAMOLE is getting a NEW CUT and a NEW RELEASE. Fun, fun, fun movie!

I also have seen and know there is another JUDGES cut out there. Is a special edition in the cards, maybe:)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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