“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Busy November Looming!

The past week was chalked full of business calls, emails and such combined with winterizing for the Michigan Ice Age that will soon be upon us. I will be in Yuma, AZ for a few weeks but when I return I could find a winter wonderland. But until that time I have been enjoying the Michigan fall that is all about harvested crops, pumpkins, MSU football (we won again!) and apple cider. The tomatoes did well this year and so we were cooking down some tomatoes to make some soup. Also bottled all the Mulberry wine so at least the blood has some anti-freeze over the cold months. My daddy got a new puppy and it was good to see the happiness in that household. Her name is Haley and is a lab, something mix and looks like a lab with BIG paws. Okay enough of all my personal ramblings onto the movie updates…

The US premiere of Karma: Crime, Passion, Reincarnation is FINALLY here at the Quad Cinema (34 West 13th St between 5th and 6h Avenues) on Sunday 15 Nov at 12 noon at the MIAAC Film Festival

It will also be screened in the Cine Liberty Cinema at Brugge in Belgium on Tuesday November 3rd, 2009 at 20.00 hours as part of the Razor Reel Fantastic Film

Festival. Tel: 050332011. Address Kuiperstraat 23, 8000 Brugge”

Also in November I’m seeing listings for  TBN to play THE BOOK OF RUTH on November 23rd, 7:00-8:30 and November 24th, 2:00-3:30 check their website for more details or any changes.

I’m also seeing a Dec. 15th, 2009 DVD Release listed on




I know business on that project is being wrapped up before it starts showing. I think people will enjoy the movie.

Here is also a premiere in LA by a very good director friend of mine Mr. Mike Kallio –

Hello all,

My 1950’s Sci-Fi Spoof “Mutant Swinger from Mars” has been selected as one of the films to screen at the 2009 Screamfest LA Film Festival. It’s at 3PM (yes, in the afternoon) at Graumann’s Mann Chinese 6 (the mini multi-plex attached to WORLD FAMOUS Mann’s Chinese Theatre within the Hollywood/Highland mall deal-io) on Saturday, October 24th. I’m calling this the LA PREMIERE (since it is). The film features the acting debut of Detroits own White Stripes guitarist and frontman, Jack White in a supporting role (the flick was shot before Cold Mountain but, finally finished this year). It’s a family friendly, silly, fun, laugh-out-loud comedy that pokes fun of everything sci-fi and 1950’s. Think Ed Wood if he made The Nutty Professor and Frankenstein. For those in the LA area… I REALLY hope to see ya, the whole festival got put into a 470 seat theatre and it would be GREAT to have ALL of you there for the show and FILL that place UP as much as we can. For those of you who can’t attend or are not LA based folk, if you KNOW people in the area,.. LET ‘EM KNOW! TELL EVERYONE! The more the merrier. I will post a link to the trailer for you to pass along if they want to see what the whole deal is about. Tickets can be purchased in advance at www.screamfestla.com (and you can go there for all other info)

So I hope that the weekend has been a good one spent with family and friends. AN ORDINARY KILLER and BLOOD TIES both release Oct 20th, 2009 (Tuesday) so buy them, rent them and have a Halloween watching!

Don’t let the boogie man get you:)


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