“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

RENOVATION – Complete!

3:10 to YUMA baby that was the address of the Hilton Garden where I stayed during the filming of the thriller “RENOVATION” and WOW! Outside my window I could see the territorial prison an old western hell hole that they tried to take Ben Wade to in “3:10 to Yuma”…

From the moment I was picked up at the small airport where my bag made it to the baggage claim before I did (Never has happened) and the airport was a ghost town… (No pun intended) I knew this was gonna be fun. The director Robert Gwinn was playing NIGHTWISH in his car when he picked me up (Great rock Opera music featuring friend John Two Hawks) I saw that as a sign. We went to the Hotel Del Sol and before entering we had people from the Union Train station walk over and ask if we were going in and talked about the shadow people that they see if the closed historic hotel now owned by the city.  Maybe cats, bats or rats but sounds of shuffling, knocks and footsteps can be heard. A murder in room 202 might play into it all. Any way you look at it the hotel was a great place to make a movie. They had used it in the movie THE GETAWAY some years earlier.

The 1st week consisted of shooting at many of the non-hotel locations such as a prison, newspaper, library and so on with many of the Hollywood talents. Terence Knox, Lana Wood, David Borowicz and Fred Griffith in action along with Tony Hornus and Dean Teaster making appearances and Johnny Dark a seasoned comedian best known from the David Letterman show who became a close friend.

Week 2 and 3 brought in the Vegas crew and that was a wonderful energy of rising star actors and some that are already well known on the Vegas strip for their work. The latter two weeks were full of action inside the hotel. I think personally as an actor I hit new highs with intensity and I think this is a great new film where fans will see some new sides to DJ Perry plus get what they have come to expect and enjoy.

I also have to say that our crew really brought it filming in less than perfect conditions as this was not a set but an actually location. All power came from generators and they put up with dust, darkness and some long hours. The city and businesses also really stepped up with open arms and helped to provide where they could. I will be talking more in depth as we go forward. Leading Lady profiles will be done for the http://www.DJPerryfanclub.com page ran by Pepper and new updates will start coming to the film myspace and facebook sites. A first look trailer will be coming in good time.

I will  also be posting other movie updates here soon. I know the BOOK OF RUTH TBN dates for Nov. are being pushed as they are still trying to work a theatrical window in. AN ORDINARY KILLER and BLOOD TIES are released and I’ve had some fan drops here and there. Working hard to bring some updates on WILD MICHIGAN as we were hard at work at AFM to try and fire that engine back up. More soon. I’m back and unpacking and looking forward to the holidays approaching.

Much to be thankful about!



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