“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Michigan Cherry Coffee and Movies…

Drinking some Michigan Cherry coffee and reflecting on the past week. The week seemed slow although many things moved forward but of course not as much or as quickly as I would like. Landed a major name talent on one project and had another interested in another project but schedule was bad. As a writer I’m really enjoying having all the good feedback. This past week so the release of “Blood Ties” and “An Ordinary Killer” and I hope some audiences enjoy what they see. I’m proud of Nathaniel Nose the director of “Blood Ties” and the film was his 1st major directorial project. He is very talented on both sides of the camera and I hope he keeps on creating. Also proud of the CDI group and especially Tony for seeding the “An Ordinary Killer” project that has touched so many people with the sad tale of justice. I’m looking forward to the continued development of the follow up “A State of Hate”…

Met with a young filmmaker Joel Reisig and it was good to see a new generation of filmmakers in Michigan making their way. CDI is a tribe of artists that work to eliminate the negative aspects that can happen when artists try to work together. It is about mutual respect and I’m happy that we are a company that tries to promote the positive. It is hard sometimes when everyone has their pet projects. I hope Michigan pulls together and supports one another. I also want to give congrats to my friend Fred Foote who just wrapped principal on “Alleged” a great period film.

I’ve been doing some script writing and LOTS of reading. I’m finishing reading a rewrite on one project, new script submitted and still polishing my read on “Renovation” which is in serious pre-production. I got my plane ticket and now I have to think about packing. It is MUCH warmer in Yuma, AZ vs Lansing, Michigan so I have to get out more summer clothes. I will miss being away from home but will enjoy the creating of yet a new motion picture.  I will be back in time for Thanksgiving and so that will be a great homecoming.

November brings our thriller “Karma: Crime, Passion, Reincarnation” to three countries in November

Karma premieres in USA, BELGIUM and BRAZIL in Nov 2009

In USA - MIAAC Film Festival - Quad Cinema, New York (34 West 13th St between
5th and 6th Avenues) - Sun 15 Nov - 12 noon

In Belgium - Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival - Cine Liberty Cinema, Brugge -
Tues 3 Nov - 20.00 hrs

In Brazil - FICBRASILIA - CCB Cinema, Brasilia - Thurs 5 Nov - 21.00 hrs, Sat 7
Nov - 15.00 hrs, Tues 10 Nov 19.00 hrs
November 23rd will be the premiere of "The Book Of Ruth" on TBN (TV) I'm reading so that will 
be exciting to see that come to the small screen. I also see Dec 15th, 2009 as the DVD date.
I enjoyed working with everyone on that project. 
I hope to have some more breaking news and maybe after AFM market I will:) 
Take care and I'll speak to you all soon.
Ahhh...more Cherry coffee!

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