“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

The Holiday Season is Upon us…

Bright sun, snow and of course my coffee…

I’m looking at a small redwood tree that my brother brought me from N. California. He’s now living in the Michigan and is looking like a healthier “Charlie Brown” Xmas tree. As my industry crawls to a stop and the “Out of Office” emails return I’m thankful. I hope that the families, children and friends of us artists get some good quality time. Artists on a whole tend to be a bit self absorbed or focused if you are looking positive at it all. Over the years I’ve seen myself slowly create a more structured work flow. It is important to make that time to clear your head. Soccer, wine making, guitar plunking and garden work are all activities that I feel put myself in a better place to make wise choices. Family and friends also can be a good grounding force in an artists life. I love going to things where I get to meet appreciative fans but nothing beats a dog(s) that is just happy you are home and has never watched a wink of one of my movies. My soccer team doesn’t care what my sales units moved on a picture are they just want the damn ball to stay out of our goal. I LOVE that! So this year all you artists rediscover other loves in your life. Do the work, submit, audition but after you’ve done what you can do, let it go. Watch pot never boils. Take some of this holiday closeness and apply it to your life in March or August. Watch the changes!

I don’t know exactly how many folks follow this blog as it started on http://www.djperryfanclub.com (New Upgrades for 2010!) Also look at our new leading ladies on there each week. From there I started posting it to Myspace and now this official blog site. I do want to thank Pepper for convincing me to express myself on here. Recently I expressed myself to an online fanzine and here is the link for that.


December 15th, 2009 saw the release of “Book of Ruth Journey of Faith” and I’m proud to have done a film in this genre. I’m only sad because I know that this film would have been LOVED by both my deceased grandma’s. I will warn my hardcore action/horror fans that it is a “biblical chick flick” but if the holiday spirit has you craving a dose of all that with yours truly involved…get it! Good watching for a whole family for sure. The film has gotten good reviews from a few official sources and many word of mouth folks. I say make up your own mind. It was a step in that whole period drama. I like those type of films and I look forward to some great future projects.

(A few reviews)




This is a National chain with maybe 300 stores and so if you are in the Lansing, Michigan area I know this store just stocked up to handle local requests. They are on South Cedar and I know many other rental/retailers will soon be carrying the title.


On the hard edge ‘Blood Ties” (Horror) and “An Ordinary Killer” (Crime Drama) are good titles to check out. Look for “Miracle at Sage Creek” western playing ABC stations across the country.

Other activities are working some deals for some overseas sales and other possible TV play. I’ve also finished the 1st draft of a script I’ve had in my head for a few years. I’ve been reading a few scripts from producer friends of mine who are looking at me acting for them again. So really it is a good time to just look back at the year in review and also look ahead to 2010!

So keep your stress small as things don’t need to be perfect (Is there a perfect) …you just need to spend time with those you love. NOTE: If you have not seen the “Trailer Boys Xmas Special” (R rated humor) I recommend you do so.

Peace, love and all that stuff!


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