“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Come on 2010!

Whoa! Holiday festivities abound! I’m nursing a small headache thanks to a small mason jar from Maggie Valley, N.C.! I had a buddy and his brother come by last night that I had not seen since 1990 or so. He was in some of the 1st video “movies” that we did in high school. Fire work FX, one take shots, location music were the production elements of the day. He recalled that I only kind of was interested in school but when it came time to film I was all organization. He is a math/science back ground and had not seen any of my films. His brother had and they wanted to see SOMETHING. First movie I found was JUDGES. I haven’t seen that film in a couple years. It was the first film from director Stephen Walker who just directed “The Book of Ruth” movie. It was kind of cool but sad because two of my friends (Paul and Russ) who played Sonny King and Father Kane are both passed.

I’ve also been seeing Randy Godwin in the theatrical trailers for “Youth in Revolt” and he also is now passed. For these friends, 2009 with all the hardships and ups and downs played no part.  It is funny as I’ve stated before I saw many good things come from this year. People pulling together and helping one another and also people spending time with one another versus paying for other distractions. So 2009 gets good marks in my book and I’m ready for whatever 2010 has in store.

Onto movie updates…

Pepper is doing some revamping on her fan page http://www.djperryfanclub.com and again I want to give her a big thanks and a solid shout to all her friends in Texas that have taken the time to enjoy our movies. We have a revamp on the Leading Ladies section and I have another “Renovation” co-star up now!

Leading Ladies homepage: www.djperryfanclub.com/LL.html

Nathalie’s page:  www.djperryfanclub.com/NBK.html

Also the “Book of Ruth” feedback has been good. I enjoy the feedback good or bad and so feel free to post on IMDB.com. It is in most Christian retailers and is expanding in Jan. 2010 to more mainstream outlets and will also see TV in 2010.

“Renovation” trailer is underway now and we will have something to tease you with very soon. So everyone have  a great and safe New Year’s Eve and I look forward to journeying into 2010 with you all.



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