“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Keep on Keeping on!

It is a warmer Saturday here in the Michigan. So far month one of 2010 has been very productive. I’ve had great talks with several new companies about existing and future product. That could lead to some exciting announcements very soon. “THE BOOK OF RUTH: Journey of Hope” has been getting some nice feedback and for those who don’t add this film to your collection you can still see the film on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14th) at 7:30 pm on TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network) http://www.tbn.org/watch-us/our-programs/book-of-ruth-journey-of-faith Also on Pepper’s page http://www.djperryfanclub.com we have a new featured actress from upcoming “RENOVATION” so go to the link below and meet Tracilyn Jones. http://www.djperryfanclub.com/TLJ.html I know first hand that a trailer and new website will soon be on the way. In development we are having all kinds of star interest in our upcoming projects. As you know CDI is expanding the tribe bringing a few new directors and their projects inside to CDI. John Regan (The Flock) is getting us great interest with SHERWOOD HORROR in development now.

It announces our FX house and Mr. Terry Jernigan. TJ has been a known actor for sometime but recently has jumped into directing and producing. TJ will be playing a bad guy (fans are thrilled) despite his desire to play more good guys. Also TJ is working for the 1st time as a Co-Prod being the boots on the ground in VA. Virginia is one of three southern locations being looked at. We are holding off on crewing until we get funding around and know where we will shoot exactly. I’ve been pushed towards VA which you know I LOVE. But at the end of the day it has to make sense from a production stand point.
Meanwhile Tony Hornus’s doc OUTSIDE THE WIRE is driving towards a locked picture and I’m very proud of what we have going. Dennis Therrian has been putting heart and soul into it and I spent time pitching sponsorship packages to some major US companies.
I’m trying to sign off on a few acting projects. I have three acting offers swirling around and I’m reading a few scripts to see what story’s would be fun to tell. I also finished my 1st draft of FACE THE THUNDER which was a story I’ve had in my head for a few years now. That is exciting for me to finally see it on the page and out of my head.
I will say this about Haite and I say this taking ten steps away from the emotion. I think that what mother nature did and the sacrifices that were taken, will at days end help that country overall. I think the country has been slowly suffering with little to no attention be the world stage. Now because of this tragedy that country will be flooded with money, help and a new infrastructure should emerge. Better built buildings, better communication lines from rescue teams. I mean help is coming in and saying, “This airport isn’t…” or “How can we do our job without cell phone…” People are getting 1st hand observation of the problems in those 3rd world countries. India was an eye opener because that IS a country in transition. Anyway, I do feel very bad for those people. Next time it could be you, us…
We won our soccer match again last Sunday and so undefeated thus far. Great to just play some smash mouth indoor soccer. I’ve been working on getting some hardcider/raspberry wine going. So far those who have had the grape wine and/or Mulberry wine are digging it. Of course some of my friends grew up on MADDOG 2020 and BOONESFARM so I can’t get to excited by compliments.
Keep on keeping on and much success on the week ahead.

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