“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

2010 Hoist the Sails! Full ahead!

First I want to welcome everyone to 2010! For many it has been a cold start and Michigan is no different. Bone chilling and beautiful is how I like to describe it. I had to shovel for the 1st time yesterday and slowly all the holiday stuff is being put away and the food from our gatherings almost gone. Last week business started off with a bang. I’m working hard to line things up and manifest the best year yet.

I will start with giving an update on a few CDI affiliated projects. New foreign, TV and domestic deals underway on several early CDI films. Also several can be downloaded immediately on amazon.com ON DEMAND. Working on a major release for “The Patchwork Girl of OZ” and looking at getting domestic DVD releases on a few others. They can all be gotten on amazon.com or indieflix.com as well.

I should have some updates on AN ORDINARY KILLER which came out in Oct. 09 with BLOOD TIES and so I’m happy those films are getting out there. Dec 15th was the release for THE BOOK OF RUTH, JOURNEY OF FAITH and Jan. it will be for sale on amazon and other national rental/retailers. I’m also told that Trinity Broadcast Network will finally premiere the biblical film on Valentines Day Feb. 14th at 7:30 pm so check your listings.

I also have seen rough footage and images from our Yuma thriller RENOVATION. All the tapes have been captured and a trailer and new website will be coming forth very soon. I’m excited about this project and I’ve been talking to several distributors about the project.

Last week was also a good week of work on our doc film being led by Tony Hornus called “OUTSIDE THE WIRE: FORGOTTEN CHILDREN OF AFGHANISTAN.” I think this will be a wonderfully powerful look at our soldiers from around the world and showing humanitarian work.

Wild Michigan update. The LLC  business around the film has been dissolved, account closed and we are going after the guilty party with criminal charges. I’m happy to say this entity was exposed for lies (not in Hollywood) and their offices on the studio lot closed!  Since we have new friends who want to see the movie made. Some commits have been made but not enough funds yet. We will reopen once it is ready to roll. It was just costing us money to sit and we might have foreign partners so a whole different LLC might have to be formed. Any way you look at it that damn film will get made. The script is well liked and recently went through a studio greenlight process and got 4 of 5 stars so it is only a matter of time. It was just tough because we were on the ground, prepped and spent investment before being left high and dry. Live and learn! Oh, also torpedo their company so they don’t FU$#@#$ anyone else and press charges. It will all work out and that company will be sad they didn’t just go along for the good ride.

So much good energy as we sail into 2010! Many projects in development and I know a few will find their way into production.

Watch the http://www.cdiproductions.com for updates…

Many new additions to the Texas based http://www.djperryfanclub.com ran by Pepper. If you want to see something or have stuff to add let her know. We have a new group of Leading Ladies being listed with new most recent being Nathalie from “RENOVATION” so check it out!

Also for 2010 I invite you all to join “Clawing my Way to the Middle” blog which I also post to Myspace and on the fan site via Pepper.


Best to us all in 2010!


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