“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Simple Saturday – Week in Review

Hello everyone out there! I’m just about to pour a second cup of coffee this fine morning. It has been a busy week and I have a few announcements. Let me see, next Sunday not this coming but the 14th of Feb at 7:00 pm the TV premiere of “Book of Ruth, Journey of Faith” will play. I’ve seen that on amazon it has been floating from the #2-#4 spot in top buys for Faith films. I did an interview for POPEATER.com on the film but the interview hasn’t been published yet. Bottom line is that I’ve heard some great response to the film and I’m sure the TV play will expand that audience.

On the RENOVATION front I’m hearing exciting things about the new trailer and a website that is almost ready. I wanted to pass that along but it must not be quite ready. They were doing some color correction as of Thursday. I’m excited to give folks a first look. CDI is happy to be partnered up with the fine folks from Yuma!

Talking about partnering, the big update is that the ink is dry and CDI http://www.cdiproductions.com is now in association with At Risk Entertainment. They are another company from Michigan and will are excited to be working with them. Next weekend will see cameras rolling on the thriller “Locked in a Room” with Larry Simmons directing. Larry was a 250 finalist in the “Project Green Light” TV show. We have about completed casting and most of the talent is from Michigan including some of your favorites from the CDI troupe.  The film is a thriller/horror film will some great twists and turns.  (See poster)

We are in heavy post production on “Outside the Wire” with Tony Hornus and Dennis Therrian really working hard to tweak the picture. I think we are going to have an incredibly moving doc film!

The CDI slate is packaging up nicely with some surprisingly big names starting to look at projects. CDI is slowly moving the “Sherwood Horror” into packaging. This is a project that director John Regan (The Flock) approached me with and I optioned the property to produce. John will be another director that will join the CDI tribe and we welcome him. Right now we are looking at location and finance.

I’m in hopes of having some exciting WILD MICHIGAN news soon but I will remain hush, hush on that project until we get further down the line. That project became the hardest to launch after a major set back in funding. The issue is a legal one being dealt with in CA and I’m happy to say that we have made sure that this won’t happen to others. Unfortunately it had happened to some others and we are aligned with a group of filmmakers who also had their projects disrupted by lies.

Karma balances…speaking of, I’m working to try and bring “Karma: Crime, Passion, Reincarnation” here to the USA. A few of our movies are being evaluated by STARZ network and across the board we are working hard to make these movie open to audiences around the world.

So soon we will see some new first looks from RENOVATION. RUTH on TV. If you have not watched AN ORDINARY KILLER or BLOOD TIES that came out in Oct please do.



Enjoy your weekend and have a safe Sunday as you watch the SUPERBOWL.


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