“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Updates from ‘HOTH’ Michigan!

The snow is actually quite beautiful unattached to any pressures of the holidays. Ideas frozen, crystallizing and soon to manifest. I always enjoy winter as a turning of the seasons of the soul. Deep I know. But to be an artist and go after creation in this industry requires a deep person. Yes. Money and commerce lies at the center of the PRODUCT but the message belongs to the artist(s). I want to relay a great story.

Dean Teaster whom many folks know from his own work starred in his 1st film FIGURE IN THE FOREST several years ago. We licensed to TBN network last year and are in talks to do a wide DVD release. For those who don’t know it is a Jeff Kennedy directed piece, intimate and about a couple being torn apart after the death of their son. Really nice twist later in the film which I will not give away. Dean had gone to a government office to file some paperwork and the woman at the desk immediately recognized him from the film. She owes the film and watches it a few times a month to help herself deal with the loss of her own child. WOW!

I ask this, as a filmmaker. As an actor, composer, PA can you be any more blessed than to have created a piece of work that truly heals? Probably not. So I’m proud to have been part of that film and everyone else associated should too. We sometimes forget the power of our medium. It was a nice eye opener and I promise that the CDI tribe will continue to put good product out.

Tomorrow is BOOK OF RUTH playing TBN at 10:00 pm EST and if you like what you see drop the network a line. Just google TBN it’s there. I would love to get JUDGES on that network. Same director (Stephen Walker) but it will appeal to male audiences. Like I said, if they don’t redirect some of the programming towards men they (TBN) will also be passed over for ESPN:) Just some honesty.


Great review from a viewer who keeps a wonderful blog.  I’m curious to see what others think. It does have some emotional punch.

Yesterday filming started on the new CDI co-production “Locked in a Room”…





Looking forward to going on camera for a few days.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

“All we need is love”…(Okay now I feel very hippie like)


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