“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Lights, Camera, Action…LOCKED IN A ROOM!

Ah…sunshine, birds and last night we fired up the grill full of venison steaks. Now the hazelnut is flowing and in a few hours I head to the Detroit for my 1st night on camera in our thriller “Locked in a Room.” First Robert Bradley and last week Anthony Hornus and Curtis Hall brought it. Now Johnny Demarco and I are ready to do our thing. I feel a little emotional after watching the SPIRIT AWARDS last night. I truly feel that some of the great artists that I work with deserve to be noticed on that level. I know independent spirit. I live it and while on the horizon I can see the studio system looming it moves me that people with dreams can live them. PRECIOUS is doing great at the awards and it deserves it. As I’m often dealing with star’s agents and managers and deflecting their often negativity at our “indie” status and find myself thinking that one of these movies will be THE movie that breaks though. I think I’ve done a few projects that deserved to be even more recognized but the lag between the SHOW and the BIZ sometimes created a short fall.

I think about this because the biggest pain in my butt project (YES “Wild Michigan”) is in the hands of an actress who could really change the flow. I was recently complimented by an agent/manager that I had a wonderful visual writing style and they predicted that my writing career would soon launch to the A list. If it does great but I write because I love it. I was told that is what shows on the page and inspires actors to bring it to the screen.

I will give a few great updates.

1st NEW LEADING LADY on the http://www.djperryfanclub.com site ran by the wonderful Pepper. I send her wishes and hope she feels better.


The beautiful Shawn is another one of my co-stars from “RENOVATION” and I’m happy to spotlight her.

Also the website is launched http://www.renovationthemovie.com and will go active with trailer tomorrow.

Also things are heating up around the board. I’m giving an advance announcement to my blog followers that two of our dramas “Figure in the Forest” and “Heaven’s Neighbors” will get their wide DVD release in August 2010 here. There will be a full campaign with new trailers, DVD’s with commentary and interviews. Here are the facebook pages so please join and show your support and be plugged into all the updates.



Also “Figure in the Forest” will play on TBN next week. It is playing late on the east coast here so you might have to record it.

TBN (Comcast channel 392) has FITF on their broadcast schedule for March 16th from 2 to 3:30 a.m. – Set your alarm – Grab a hanky and enjoy a fine Michigan-made movie.

There are more deals in the works that will take CDI films to other parts of the world. CDI also now has an official 1st look deal with Triumphant Entertainment International for domestic release. We are looking forward to a fine working relationship with them. Exciting new developments soon.

Also anyone wanting to see DJ Perry’s 1st time in a film ONE OF US actually is now on DVD via amazon.com


I was very inexperienced but gave it everything I had. It is worth a look to see me playing a Frat Boy:)

Well that is enough on the updates for now I have to gather my stuff to travel to the film set in about 2 hours. I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning and enjoy the day. SPRING is near!


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