“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Earthquake Mayhem

WOW! I was left pondering the Japan earthquake and now Chile. I can say having experienced two earthquakes in LA, CA it can be frightening. The 1st time was my 1st trip ever to LA to audition for Wes Craven on SCREAM 2. I was staying in Venice Beach and I awoke to the bed shaking and sure enough it was a quake. On my most recent trip to LA I was staying at my actor buddy Dave Borowicz’s house and while showering I felt the ground move. He is on the second floor of apartments in Marina Del Ray and when the glass door started shaking like crazy I was at that point of ride it out or jump the hell out! I didn’t want to be trapped nude in some rubble as that would double suck.

We are seeing changes with the Earth and maybe we have not pin pointed the scientific cause, global warming, sun flares, core temps but we do know that this planet is alive. When she shakes SH#@^ HAPPENS! So I send out my sincere wishes to the people trying to recover yesterday and today from these acts. Now to my other friends on major fault lines…be alert. Even Michigan has some fault lines and over the decades we have felt a few vibrations but we don’t have walls of water rushing at us in the wake of it all.

I’ll get on with the movie updates now. The deals are signed on FIGURE IN THE FOREST and HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS and in August they will release. We are actually gathering EXTRA materials for the DVD’s. We may have many more announcements of other countries and other films finding their way to you.

We are filming this weekend on LOCKED IN A ROOM this weekend and I believe Tony Hornus and Curtis Hall are in action. Last week we had “Ghost Town’s” Robert Bradley in action and man was it cool! I think that project is really shaping up to be a great projects and we are proud of how the set was ran by our AT RISK ENTERTAINMENT partners.

Over to Yuma, AZ where in dark rooms the editing is underway. The new website is launched but not fully functional. It will be adding more almost daily so bookmark it and keep tabs.


The trailer will officially launch on March 7th, 2010 and so get ready to check it out.

More updates soon.


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