“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

A New Perspective & Top 10 Updates

Small things make me smile – the cuddles of a good dog or cat, watching hard cider ferment, hazelnut coffee in the morning and spending time with family and friends. Some may know and others may not that my father had to have an open heart operation to fix a valve and also 3 bypasses. He has not chosen a semi-public life like myself so I was hesitate to blog too much about him. But those who did know have been so supportive. I’ve been facing the on-going challenges of developing, producing, posting, distributing our films and knowing that many people are assisted when something moves forward. I really was unaware of how much of that I carry on myself until I really didn’t care. For the week leading up to my father’s operation I found myself working but my mind and heart was solely on my father and his upcoming battle. To imagine a world where you no longer have that wise fatherly mentor was scary. I know others already have suffered such a loss and life does go on but I don’t think we ever feel ready. On one hand I found myself working but not under the pressure I normally feel. I’ve had several projects over the last couple years occupying my thoughts and energy and I found myself seeing a new perspective on what truly is important. I was so pleased with the loving messages and friendships which told me that I had people who were reaching out to me as a person with no agendas and with me offering nothing in the moment. I get SLAMMED with communications that are 100% tied to what I can offer someone. I don’t hold that against folks as we are all just trying to pay bills and stay happy while on this planet. It just felt good to have some sincere compassion coming my way. I tend to be a more private person these days and don’t ask for help sometimes when I should and I don’t “lean” on people. It is just good to know that if I did not have anything to offer anyone some people would still come knocking. I just wanted to say thank you and I’m glad to report that Pa Perry came through just fine. He should be going home today or tomorrow and I hope that he can enjoy a longer, happier life. Appreciate your family and friends.

Okay…onto movie updates:) I may bullet point so I can remember some of these. Spring is in the air and things are sprouting!

1) FIGURE IN THE FOREST DVD Aug 10th and HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS Aug 27th on DVD in the US/Canada!

2) Join the facebook sites for news and updates



** Look for some advanced previews of the new DVD extras including 2 new documentary films (Behind the Scenes)

3) Director John Regan will be producing a film SHERWOOD HORROR under CDI and the State of VA just made a financial offer to try and land VA as our location. Join the facebook site for updates here…


4) The Patchwork Girl of OZ children’s animated film will release in Sept 2010 as will a Special Edition of JUDGES! Additional OZ films and a pair of follow up JUDGES films are in the works.

5) Talks are underway to try and bring “KARMA, CRIME, PASSION and REINCARNATION” to the US and I will keep you updated on that. http://www.karmacpr.com

6) Editing work is fast underway on RENOVATION in Yuma, AZ watch http://www.renovationthemovie.com for updates!

7) LOCKED IN A ROOM wrapped shooting with my KARMA Co-star Carlucci Weyent being flown in with vet actor Robert Miano. Great work and the movie is in post. Trailer will be forthcoming very soon!

8) With WILD MICHIGAN it looks like Rae’Ven Larrymore Kelly may be our lead Thelma. She is a highly decorated actress and so those talks continue. Singer Fantasia has committed her interest to a song on the soundtrack and others will be joining.

9) Work on OUTSIDE THE WIRE continues!

10) Progress on development/packaging of HOLLY, JINGLES and CLYDE, FACE THE THUNDER, A STATE OF HATE, TIMBERWOLF…the word is out on Collective Development Inc.

More updates to come.

Happy Spring!


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