“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Encore – “Locked in a Room” Slight Return

OK. “Locked in a Room” footage was provided to a sales rep who had been after us from early on with our thriller. After seeing early footage they immediately offered a deal to represent the film. The trailer for Cannes Film Market is about done and it will be featured in France. The footage looks really good. Between this film and “Renovation” who also has several interested distributors I’m very excited about the future of these two films. Anyway I was called into action one more time in “Locked in a Room” when a pick up scene was planned with a powerful actress Rae’Ven Larrymore Kelly who has been in some major blockbusters. We had a great lunch with her prior because she is under serious consideration to play Thelma in “Wild Michigan” and we also are looking at her as a main character in “A State of Hate” which Tony Hornus will direct once he completes “Outside the Wire” doc film.  Stay tuned because a LOCKED IN A ROOM trailer will be released very soon.

“Renovation” editing is underway and I’m so excited about that film because as cool as I think the trailer is now it really doesn’t show the real meat of the film. I hope to bring some exciting news from the Yuma front very soon. Head down on the earthquakes beetches!

RELEASES – I told you about the Aug 10th release of FIGURE IN THE FOREST and Aug 24th release of HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS but now you can add the Sept 7th release of THE PATCHWORK GIRL of OZ and Sept 21st Special Edition release of JUDGES. There is interest in trying to get the JUDGES sequel in motion which really lost some stream after the sad loss of “Father Kane” Mr. Russ Stine. Stephen Walker is now done with THE BOOK OF RUTH so maybe he will turn his attention back to the possible Judges franchise.

Speaking of franchise I did mention the follow up to AN ORDINARY KILLER working title A STATE OF HATE which just got interest from Ernie Hudson to play a main character joining an already wonderful cast. The development pipeline is really going well in the planning pics for 2011 and 2012. More info about John Regan’s SHERWOOD HORROR, Tom Norton’s OPERATION RUTHLESS and my sword & sorcery property PANDEMONIUM (In talks with director Pearry Reginald Teo) in the very near future.

HOLLY, JINGLES and CLYDE is joining WILD MICHIGAN in active pre-production along with A STATE OF HATE which is on a run up that could get a bump to 2011 pending Mr. Hornus post work on his doc and also the nature of movie financing. WILD MICHIGAN has several new folks pushing to make this film happen who happily state that this film wasn’t made before because it just wasn’t the right time. At the same time CDI is wielding the hammer of justice trying to remedy to wrongs done in the Hollywood. I’ve always felt that CDI has always approached things with diplomacy first. We want LONG TERM relationships. We have a great track record of repeat working with several cast and crew. Maybe not on every film but those that were good additions are often invited back like old friend.

Some people only see SHORT TERM such as that one crew and cast member that tries to squeeze that undo dollar or just being a person who spills negativity versus positive attitude. The issue is that I’m going to be doing what I do until they throw dirt on my box. In this journey my circle of good folks who also dream as I do increases. I’ve been asked NUMEROUS times for references on people. Know that I would say my real thoughts to anyone’s face as easily as I would on a phone. To me I am being honored to have someone value my opinion enough that they hope my words could help safeguard their project. They want a hit. They will than get to make more movies. From that more people get more employment. It is all very simple. So if you have counterproductive words or actions you are directly being involved with yours and others future work flow.

My summary of this funny retrospective that I’m not sure…yes I do. It was the late night conversation on set last night about opportunist folks and people not conducting proper business. Sneaky business will never work out for you because even if you succeed a little in the short term your character has been determined. Character is so important not just in movies but in life. I sincerely challenge anyone to really distill me down and find dishonest business. I’ve made unpopular choices and even made mistakes but I can’t recall snaking anyone. That is why I really do sleep very well every night. I guess that only means that I feel right even if maybe I am wrong. I just want to encourage all you artists both sides of the camera and those above the line folks to do right by people. Try to give more than you get. If you must say something bad say something good first and than explain how you feel the bad situation could be remedied.  I live by these words and being known as a problem solver versus a complainer will get you much more success in this field or any field.  I rest on this issue. Bottom line is we have been bringing attorney’s into our circle to deal with the dishonest. Be good. Enough said:)

I’ll end with a quick update on my father. Thank you for all the well wishing. He’s at home and resting peacefully. He gets stronger every day but like son like father…he is a go-getter especially with his “picking” (Watch “American Pickers”) and so hates being in low gear. I really didn’t make big mention because my family is not as public as I am and so I try to keep their business theirs. But I did share with him how many good wishes and people are tracking, reading this little blog that Pepper got me to start so many years ago. Pepper is the head of the DJ Perry fan club based in Texas. This came after she attended a premiere for AN ORDINARY KILLER to meet her real top star Mr. Terence Knox. She has been great in sharing with others her enthusiasm for a small band of filmmakers from that backwoods place called Michigan, just doing their own little thing. We thank you.

Here’s to happy Sundays and Hazelnut coffee. (Still no sponsor yet:)


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