“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Humbled and Happy

The rain is coming down and I’m very happy that yesterday was lawn day. I have grass seed down and so this should help. I’ve also been collecting Lilac pedals for some new wine I’m going to try making. If you want to talk about Zen it is one pedal at a time while either talking on the phone or reading lines. I realized that 15 quarts is a LOT of pedals and also that in mass they almost have a waxy feel…ODD.

So I’m happy to announce the fact that the project that I’ve been forced to be hush, hush on is now going public with their PR and so now I can share. I submitted blindly for a role in a very non-descriptive religious film about the time we had finished filming the 1st leg of “Book of Ruth” and I sent materials for the biblical character of Judas. I thought after playing nice guy ‘Benjamin’ I would enjoy another biblical feature but thought maybe a bad guy of sorts would be cool. I sent it off and immediately got no response. Like that? So fast forward 6 months and one Sunday out of the blue I get contacted by this production company with a synopsis and breakdown of this project called “In Our Time” and they said I was of interest to them. Come to find out I was one of 27 actors they were looking at for the lead role of Jesus in this studio picture. Funny thing is about this time Ray our main producer on “Book of Ruth” starts talking about how Pureflix and TBN and random folks are remarking to him how much I remind them of Jesus. So I agree to non disclose anything and read the script. EPIC. Now they want me to talk with producer/writer and explain how I see the character and story line. I honestly think I have a good grasp on the heart and soul of the role and explain my take. I guess I was the only person to pick up on a few major elements. From there I’m told I’m one of the seven they have narrowed down to and the front runner. They became versed in my work and I did a few voice recordings for them and well…the rest is history as they like to say.

I’m happy that I can share a first PR announcement at Christian Cinema and many more will follow. I’m excited that fate also put two of my friends in this film. I was asked about my thoughts on Mr. Rance Howard and Terry Jernigan who were being considered for roles. I think people scan around actors they want to use to get ideas for casting but that said Terry Jernigan has been peppering his career with faith films and they saw him starring in “Pilgrams Progress” I think it was.  Rance has worked so much it doesn’t surprise me. I think one of the producers on this film was on “Angels and Demons” and knew Rance that way. Either way it will be nice to work alongside two very good friends of mine.

I will say that the process of being JUST AN ACTOR has been humbling. I realize that with my alpha personality I’m a team player but I have a control aspect to me. I have found it hard at times and frustrating at times to be JUST TALENT. I have made a new vow to try to improve communication between production and cast and crew because being in the dark on a need to know info basis is not fun:) So the experience has been good for me. Also I just worked on lines but just tried to ignore the project because no point in wasting energy mulling over and over on something. When it was time they would contact me and away we would go. So I’m told we start very soon and I’ll get at least a week notice. The 1st leg of the shoot is in Bulgaria I think so it would be nice to know so I can get my home life in order. Enjoy the 1st PR and I’ll let you know more soon.

The talks on WILD MICHIGAN resurrection are going very well. The old project was put down to rest and we are also making moves to bring some justice to those responsible for the 1st false start. As I was told, it was not the time for “Wild Michigan” but we are casting up the final stars and I’m looking to come off “In Our Time” and go into pre-production on “Wild Michigan” but I will know more soon.

Development on the other CDI projects are going great and so I would love to put a whole slate of films into motion. On the personal, my dad is recovering well and can drive again. Remember your mothers out there this Sunday if you have them with you spend some time with them and if they are gone remember them fondly.

Have a great weekend.


HERE are a few of the links as given to me by production

Please take a moment to check out the buzz from Christian Cinema  at  http://www.christiancinema.com/catalog/newsdesk_info.php?newsdesk_id=1346.



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