“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Dreams Do Come True…

Yesterday was our first Michigan day in the 80’s and it was nice to bounce between my computer and outside where I could have my phone calls. We are getting the garden around and I’ve been planting and watering some grass seed. I’m sure you are aware that the hazelnut coffee is flowing and I’ve been studying how to make lilac wine. This week I also found some of my early morels and so that is always a little exciting. My father is recovering slower than he would like but patience is required. Patience is something the Perry’s have learned over time as it does not just come naturally. I’m just big on not wasting energy on something until one must. I guess to clarify it is about order of business. Worry, anticipation, want…all these attributes won’t make certain things happen before they should. That said with patience and hard work many developments underway.


New announced releases – Joining the Aug. 10th FIGURE IN THE FOREST and Aug 24th HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS is THE PATCHWORK GIRL OF OZ (Sept. 7th) and a fan favorite JUDGES gets a special edition release on Oct 21st.

Those who can’t wait FIGURE IN THE FOREST plays TBN on the west coast 5/3 starting at 11:00 pm and on the east coast it plays at 2:00 am on what is 5/4/2010. For those wanting a double dose of inspirational TBN will also show BOOK OF RUTH 5/9 for west coast starting at 9:00 pm but starts 5/10 at midnight on the east coast. You can check the listings on TBN home site.

Development is in full swing on many fronts from Michael Valverde’s “Holly, Jingles and Clyde” to John Regan’s “Sherwood Horror” – post work on “Outside the Wire” is coming to the final stretch and I’ve been giving scene notes on “Renovation” while waiting to see the polished trailer for “Locked in a Room” which has signed Worldwide Film as the sales rep and they will be showcasing it at the Cannes Film Market this year. This year should see a film or two more out of CDI.

“Wild Michigan”(2010)  and “A State of Hate” (2011) have been in high gear and we are closing up the casting on our remaining few roles. We will have some great announcements there soon. It is very exciting to have such a renewed energy as Hollywood is discovering the quality of product we are proposing here at the tribe.

I’ve had a few acting offers and so I’ve been reading and talking about taking some time between producing projects to go perform and just enjoy the storytelling. I’ve also been in talks about some management of my acting/writing work. Overall I’m just very happy with how 2010 has been. I’ve only acted on one project this year but have made several deals that are bringing films to you all and also setting things up for future production. I can feel the hardships of 2009 slowly melting away.

To all my artist amigos keep pushing one step at a time. To the fans, thank you so much for all your support. I do enjoy all the feedback and comments I’ve been getting and you all make it all worthwhile. So just a thank you. My 1st films were done by me and my friends in school in place of book reports and final exams and shown in our library. I can’t believe it has grown into all this but I’m so happy that it has. Dreams to come true.


2:00 am

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