“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

A WRAP on Benjamin film!

What a beautiful weekend in the Michigan and I got to spend it up North with a little lake time. We won our soccer match on Sunday which is always a nice bonus. Lastly the NYC film BENJAMIN wrapped yesterday so another film in the can. There is a possibility that we may have Jon the director come to Michigan on some post work.

I’m trying to find out shoot dates on IN OUR TIME to see if I can hold or if I need to take on another film in the between time. I like to stay busy and I do have several scripts I’m looking over for acting roles. I have word that LOCKED IN A ROOM is moving along in post and RENOVATION is closer yet. The RENOVATION folks are talking about a Yuma premiere in October and so that will be nice. The doc film OUTSIDE THE WIRE will also be finishing in August and so we will have some good product to keep the fans happy:)

August and September will be busy with film releases for FIGURE IN THE FOREST, HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS, JUDGES (Special Edition) and THE PATCHWORK GIRL OF OZ. I’m excited by all the production and releases. Now if we can launch a few more here we will be all set. We are getting closer and with a few more attachments I’m in hopes of closing these down.

I’m thinking of looking for more partnerships with CDI and other small production companies. We can bring assured distribution to the marketplace and that is the HUGE struggle that indie filmmakers face. The key is right script, some distribution friendly talent and the right relationships. It is tough even for distributors these days because even like the studio only 1-2 of 10 pictures are successful. I continue to communicate and learn more every day. Sometimes it is disappointing but I think you have that with any business and/or industry and when you do score a hit it makes it that much more fulfilling. So I need to get myself to make some time for these lunches and such people want to have. Much of my days are filled with emails and phone calls nudging projects along. But for some folks who have a small budget gathered with a touch of guidance they can really advance their project. It allows others to benefit from our mistakes. Is that a pay it forward:)

Well for those in the heat stay cool and I’ll bend your ear soon enough.


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