“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Enter August


A bit sore today after a mighty soccer match yesterday against the #1 team. (we are #3 currently but that changes week to week) We played the 1st half to a 0-0 and 2nd half I took a knee to the lower back and had to exit the game for a few. I don’t usually go down (And I did not) and you don’t ever see me rolling around “acting hurt” as often seen with PRO soccer. I took a knee to the back jumping for a header and left the game. (Sub out)  Before I could turn around from getting a drink – they SCORED. DOH!  Well the day really belonged to the other team but we showed we are a fighting team.

Previous to the soccer game I had gone to a family reunion. We took a lake pontoon ride which was cool and chill. Over the weekend I had two major life changes. First I got an iphone 3G (I’ll wait until bugs are out of the 4) and so I’ve been trying to learn all that.  Folks I played PONG and OREGON TRAIL on a TSR-80.  I also traded in my old lease and have a new ride. It is a black Saturn Vue and I really dig it. I’m not a car person I just use them to get here and there but I love this new ride because it has a nice look but I dig the sunroof and I like stick shift again. I think it will serve the purpose well.

Pa Perry is back and better than ever after his heart surgery ordeal early this year. The garden is giving a steady flow of beans and tomatoes and the grill has been in full force this year. We bought another 4H pig for the freezer and so we have to pick that up this week. OK hazelnut coffee is kicking and this is all helping to get my thoughts straight for the week.

I’m being commissioned to work on another script it looks like and so I will start work on that. I’ve got a few scripts to read for other companies about acting roles. I think I will be seeing a 2nd cut of RENOVATION this week. OUTSIDE THE WIRE 1st cut is now done. I hear LOCKED IN A ROOM is also getting there. BENJAMIN will start editing this week.

Packaging with some of our projects is going nicely and I have many follow up calls this week. FIGURE IN THE FOREST has new NEW artwork and a revised release date of Aug 24th vs the 10th. We are exploring DVD release parties for the two CDI films FIGURE IN THE FOREST and HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS. The trailers are expected anytime now. Please join the facebook sites for these films and show your support!

OFF TRACK update! I spoke with Mark Owen and that pilot TV show will get completed and I will actually be shopping it around. Also some renewed talks of co-production. Maybe:)

WILD MICHIGAN, HJC, TIMBERWOLF, LONG ROAD HOME, A STATE OF HATE all deals of various sorts underway. It is only a matter of time.

With 4 projects in post and some releases out this fall I’m going to join JON MOODY on Monday, August 9th at 10:00 PM Eastern. We will be talking movies for an hour and questions are taken via phone or chat I think.  So some first hand updates will be given and I’ll jib jab for a few.


I’m got some script reading, writing and studying to get to so until next time.

Keep clawing!


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