“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Chilly Morning Memories and Movie Updates

This morning I awoke to the chill of Michigan mornings as we head towards the fall. It brought me memories of getting up for elementary school and dressing for school next to the vent. It made me think of going to camp and making the chilly walk to the bathrooms. I also thought about mornings at my Uncle Milo and Aunt Dot’s cottage on a lake. We would wake to my father’s fire in the fireplace and the smell of coffee and bacon. Nice thoughts. No fireplace crackling this morning and no bacon but I did hear the siren call of the coffee. So now I’m with dog on my feet, coffee by my side and stimulating these memories just for you.

As of late I’ve been doing some writing. I’ve been revising “Long Road Home” for the U.P. of Michigan. I’ve also been hired to write a screenplay that is a cool little mafia-like tale. The 1st 15 pages got the greenlight and so I will finish that up. I’m also in final negotiations on another script job turning a book into a script and it is in the western genre which you all know I love.

I continue to wait for the “In Our Time” film to get all its ducks in a row and meanwhile I’ve completed the 7 or so screenplays I read. I have a couple of projects that I’m in talks over for Sept. and Oct. shoots that could take me to California and Vegas. I’ve also got a smattering of other Michigan based projects providing some opportunities to act and sleep in my own bed.

Development on a half-dozen projects continues to go strong. I wish these projects would move faster but I can’t find that magic wand of automatic film financing. The lotto numbers also did not come in so…just kidding! I miss many of my movie friends that I only get to see when I have checks to cut. Oh well, the CDI Generals still plan and plot:)

HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS and FIGURE IN THE FOREST for sale at various outlets and wide Sept 7th, 2010.



We have word that AN ORDINARY KILLER has been playing on ABC in various markets so check your listings. JUDGES Special Edition and Blu-Ray is coming to market Oct 12th, 2010.



The word is also that BLOOD TIES will be released on Blu-Ray but not sure of the date. On other fronts the CDI Co-Productions of “Outside the Wire” Anthony Hornus’s Afghanistan doc is almost complete with hard-working Dennis Therrian putting the final tweaks on the film. “Renovation” credit work is underway and plans are being made but the special screening in Yuma, AZ on Oct 23rd and I will be attending so I hope to see some of you out there. Dean Teaster and Anthony Hornus both in the film will also be flying out with me and we look forward to seeing everyone. See http://www.renovationthemovie.com for trailer and premiere info.

I’m waiting on word from “Locked in a Room” last I heard they were on a 2nd cut of the film. The feedback from the 1st review session of the editing on “Benjamin” came back 100% positive! I’m told they are working double time to make Sundance submission. I believe director Jon Osman’s last film played Sundance and so he really would like to see our film premiere there.

Thank you everyone for your continued support. I do appreciate it.


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