“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Stay Cool – September Welcome

Okay we had the fall tease of cool weather and Lion football (they actually won recently!) but now it is back to heat. When I was a younger man I loved the heat but usually that was because of sand and bikini’s. Now I truly do enjoy the cooler fall temps and I know they will be upon us soon enough followed by SNO…I’m not going to finish that word:)

I was told that I start almost all my blogs with a coffee reference but I guess I’m still hunting for that coffee sponsor. Official sponsor of getting DJ’s brain a moving and we could make it the CDI brand served on sets. Ok. I admit it I LOVE coffee.

Great story – As many of you know I make my home in Michigan. This is home where my friends and family are. My LA friend Nadia Dawn recently said that I needed to get out in LA and do more red carpet. She was saying that I could go A list with all my stuff going on. I do agree a little more personal appearance PR could be helpful and I do enjoy the LA scene where I can be DJ Perry actor, writer and producer BUT I also enjoy being a son, a brother, a soccer player and just me. My father might soon retire but his real love is being a picker. Watch American Pickers and you’ll understand. He does it as a hobby because he loves the wheeling and dealing. Often he’ll sell some little item he bought for two or three times the amount he paid. Some days in this hard industry that business looks appealing. So, I’ve gotten into “Craigs List” a little as I try to get rid of some stuff that is just unused. I made a deal with myself that if I NEED something I can go buy it but if I just WANT something I will try and trade for it. That way I’m not cutting into cash in these hard times and I’m also not just gathering new things without getting rid of something. All makes sense…yes?

So recently I switched from Sprint phone to iphone and I was looking at first to sell my phone back ($15) OR one week later I had an offer for a 5 motor brand new Homedics back massage deal. I decided with soccer Sundays leaving Monday sore I would make a trade. I went up to a local NIP & SIP that has the old drive up food ordering. I met Dennis there who had the trade item and we were both talking about other stuff we are looking for. I’m keeping an eye out for recurve and primitive flat and long bows. He stopped me and said, “It seems like I’ve seen you somewhere, like TV.” Now Dennis was big, gruff and pushing 60 and I asked him if he watches movies. He told me lots of them but mainly westerns. I asked him if he had ever seen “Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town” and he said “Hell yes” to which I replied “Will Burnett, nice to meet you” and shook his hand. He was so tickled and went on and on about the film and Bill McKinney. I just happened to have a park release DVD that I gave him and you would have thought I gave him a bar of gold. It made my day and it did make me realize that I do appreciate meeting the fans. So I’m not moving to LA but maybe more personal appearances.

Speaking of…www.renovationthemovie.com is having updates done as we get ready for an Oct. 23rd premiere in Yuma, AZ and I will be there. It should be a great night of eating, drinking and watching the work on a big outdoor screen I believe. Check the site for more information on the showing.

Other updates, http://www.cdiproductions.com has many new updates but a special section on upcoming work opportunities in front of and behind the camera now exists. Future productions will be posting to that site as they arise.

RENOVATION – Premiere Oct 23rd

LOCKED IN A ROOM – 2nd cut of film underway

BENJAMIN – Post edit


HEAVEN’S NEIGHBORS and FIGURE IN THE FOREST – Sept 7th Official release

KARMA, CRIME, PASSION, REINCARNATION is playing Sept 8th in the UK I believe. I will try to post exact info when I find it.

That’s all I have for now but have a safe holiday and stay cool!


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