“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

TCB in Las Vegas!

Ah…drinking Hazelnut coffee in my Las Vegas hotel room while watching the final cut of the NYC film “Benjamin” directed by Jon Osman. 2010 has created some great work. This movie I’m watching is just wonderful with great characters and a very unique story. It was submitted to Sundance as was our doc-film “Outside the Wire,” so with a little luck one or both will make it in. I want to go to Sundance but to participate not just to watch.

I’m off today here in Las Vegas prepping for the next week ahead. This should be my final week and I’m looking forward to getting home and relaxing for the holidays. The people here have been wonderful and many new friendships have been made. The city has changed some since I was here last but Vegas is always just what it always is:) Bright lights and glitz! A handful of years ago I was a bit more open to all that crazy but I’ve been there and got that T-shirt. Don’t get me wrong nice place to visit but living here would be tough.

I promised my dad I would play $20 on the Elvis slot machine so I will seek one out today. The story is that I’m not a big gambler but twice I hit on the Elvis slot machine. One time winning back everything I spend in Vegas. You can’t beat that! It is like a refund by the King! TCB in a flash!

I’m actually anxious to get home and get “SILVER LAKE” back in motion. But 1st I must finish my battles with the mafia and the Lords of Darkness here. The footage we are getting here looks amazing! The sets, the actors, crew all 1st class and so again I’m happy to be part of this production.

DAMN! I’m having issues with this screener playing online. Maybe it is my connection here in the room.

The other stuff I’m working on production wise is finishing up the polish on “Renovation” http://www.renovationthemovie.com followed by the setting up theatricals and prepare screeners for distributors. That film has some great character action and twists and turns. So proud of the quality achieved under a tight budget on that one. The Hotel Del Sol has part of my soul now:)

Also working to get previously mentioned “Outside the Wire” where it needs to go. New deals on the existing library of our films and existing products. I recently heard that “BOOK OF RUTH” will be released in Brazil (I found a poster in Spanish) and in the Walmart chain for the holidays.

They are all great films to have worked on and I’m excited about the future projects I have going on with these producer/directors. Great updates coming up with “Holly, Jingles and Clyde” and the CDI westerns now being pushed along by my attorney. New castings on some of those to be announced soon.

I’m gonna go shower up so I can go walk about and sight-see some today. For those of you reading out there the day of thankful wishes will soon be upon us. Count your blessings and prepare for a good end of year wrap up with family and friends. 2011 will be another go around that I hope will be even more productive. Time for another cup of coffee:)

Another day or so and this Elvis is ready to leave the building.

Thank you very much!


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