“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Whirlwind WOW! WOW!

Ok. I know I’ve been only here at the blog a few times. I got caught up in a whirlwind of movie going-ons. A new deal is being carved out with CDI being one of two Michigan based companies working on a slate of films. We’ve been asked to be the production arm of this entity. We did a good 1st run pulling together a fabulous cast and crew behind a great horror script called “Silver Lake”… We pulled together the production and captured some great footage. We hurried into pre-production trying to beat mother nature. Tornado storms and freezing cold that froze up all pipes/water at our primary location created a major issue. We’ve put the production to sleep until we can determine to finish filming at location in early spring or set the film back up at a Southern location. We will see. Either way it was crazy fun pulling a circus together on the fly and meeting/working with some great individuals. This film already has a destination and we’ll be discussing that soon. We are working to adjust our delivery date but I assure you it is more exciting news.

I finally got to watch “RENOVATION” on my home system and what a great little film. It was cool to see the audience react at the outdoor premiere in Yuma. That said I had some questions about the audio/visual aspects but realized the projection/sound equipment at the premiere were not a true representation of the films look and sound. We are doing a final polish and have distribution interest already. We will find a good home and look for it in 2011.

Great week for producer sneak peeks. I saw the new “Locked in a Room” trailer they are working with and WOW! Audiences will love that flick. Great job to our partners Gordon and Larry busting it out in post.

I also saw a nearly locked picture of “Benjamin” and again WOW! It is getting ready for other post work and once complete…watch out!

“Outside the Wire” we just got a GREAT quote from Clark Bunting the president of Discovery Network and we’re looking for the right home for that powerful doc. I love my fiction but this doc film is so heartfelt and meaningful. People will get an entirely different look at what is happening in Afghanistan.

I’m back home and on hold because I may fly out to Vegas to shoot on a movie there. I wasn’t sure I could but this hibernation on “Silver Lake” may allow that. I’m just feeling very blessed as the year ends. With “In Our Time” and several projects lining up 2011 looks to be an exciting year!


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