“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Reflections and the First Snow…

So Dec. 1st was the first snow of the year. As the year comes to a close I’m trying to turn some business around, finish some business and prep new business. Again after a year of living a good amount in RV’s and hotel rooms it is nice to be back home in Lansing, Michigan with friends and family. I’ve had opportunities to catch up with several loved ones and recharge for 2011. I’ve very excited about several of the projects finished in 2010 that will be coming to all of you. OUTSIDE THE WIRE, BENJAMIN, RENOVATION, LOCKED IN A ROOM and we planted the 1st stakes on SILVER LAKE.

It has been pointed out that one of my character flaws is my trusting in other people. I often see the best in people and try to nurture that behavior. I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to do business (If you call it that) with some people who build their life around a “hustle” to get by. Short term versus long-term as the hustle always gets exposed. Where talent exists, a fair and honest living should be able to grow and take hold. But it is not always that easy. I hear all the hardship stories from my friends and I too have experienced many. I guess the creative endeavors as a business is a fairly new trade. Many artists of old were not given value  until their death. That has slowly turned itself around as business folk have realized how to market art to the masses. The goal is a long-term partnership that achieves a balance of business and art.

I have a few business people who have just become a pain because of unrealistic goals, lack of follow through and just straight up dishonesty. It is sad because these set backs cause major issues to many people. The thing is that you would think that greed would keep certain people on the level. Again long-term versus short-term grab and run tactics. The goal is again long-term partnerships.

Long-term friendships and business relationships bring a joy that cannot be bought only earned. It is a satisfaction for both parties that at the winter of their lives they can look back and be happy at what they achieved together. I’ve had my share of being taking advantage of and I wonder sometimes if those people feel proud in their actions. One such individual has a five-year old son. What is he passing down in his day-to-day life lessons?

These last couple years have been very tough for people and I commonly hear the excuse that the economy is causing all this but in actuality bad business got us in this situation. Also at the end of the day WE make decisions on doing the right thing or the wrong thing. I think most of those who read my blog are “do the right” people but I can always hope that one person tempted to take the easy road chooses not to.

I can only live how I know and that is to be me and to try to be the best me I can. So as you prepare for your winter holiday(s) evaluate your own actions and be an inspiration to those around you.

Happy Saturday!


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