“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Memories in Snow!

They say that 30% of the country is experiencing winter snow and/or cold that is record-breaking. I always say if it is gonna be cold and overcast give me some glimmering snow. I guess part of me loves snow. I grew up in a neighborhood full of hooligans and we were snow commandos. Sledding, snowball fights, snow forts and ice skating were all part of the average snow day. It almost always ended in hot chocolate and a dryer full of too many wet clothes. It is at the bottom of these sled hills (Folkert’s and Dine’s Hill)  that I recall looking up into the sky as snow fell and dreamed of movies. Star Wars, ET and Raiders of the Lost Ark –  these adventures are what excited me to the idea that a person could make a living in film.

In these later years the snow also brings a soft peace over everything. The holidays bring a quiet to the mind. This enables one to reflect on the past year and to reconnect with friends and family. I’m trying to pick some new footage for my reel and update my resume materials. We also have several development packages that are pulling together and with a strong wind may lift off in 2011.

I’m back to Las Vegas for two weeks in Jan. 2011 so I like that I’m right back into the mix. RESURRECTION director Jeff Ross contacted me and wants to rework a few scenes and add me into others. I’m excited because I’ve seen some of the rough work and it looks GOOD!

Collective Development Inc. http://www.cdiproductions.com is going to start opening itself up to commercial accounts. In the past we had done some big promotional for corporations like NonFerrous Founder’s Society, Toyota/JBL. Recently we had an opportunity to do a few smaller projects and enjoyed it. We’ve decided to open ourselves to interesting projects great and small. We’ve got a creative team and we enjoy working together so why not.

The year has not been without shortcomings, setbacks and the feeling that more always could have been done. As long as you learn, grow and grasp for something that inspires you – you are blessed. I know it has been a hard couple years for many people out there. Living in Michigan I hear the stories every week but I believe we can change things.As you close the chapter on 2010 smile and be happy in what memories you made this year. Those are valuable treasures that will exist for a long time. Do something good for someone this holiday season and feel that joy that comes with it.


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