“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Around the Sun – Seeking Fun

Beautiful snow, bitter chill and the focus of people upon tasks of the New Year is in full swing. This has been a week where I knew people who had a baby born, a friend who had serious surgery and yet another friend who lost a beloved relative. The last one who passed was a very successful businessman who came down with an illness about a year ago. I know at one time he owned a medical company and sold jets yet in the end money mattered not. My pondering this week was IF someone of means knew how they might die would they focus their resources on a cure? I hope that over the next 10 years here we see certain diseases and illnesses go away. I seem to recall a scientist that inflicted himself with a disease to force himself to discover a cure. I still believe laughter to be one of the best preventions. Onto less serious matters…

Golden Globes – Okay one area of the acting world that they never teach you is the glamour PR end of the business. I must have played hookie that day of class. I’m talking about fashion. Ha! It’s a lucky day for me when I match. I do admit that I LOVE jackets and some hats. I have maybe three closets full of these items. Some are character clothes worn in my films. Such as my Wicked Spring or GPS hats. Or my Benjamin and Locked in a Room “Mr. Creepy” jacket. Most production companies have been cool enough to let me have these items. Likely one day some of these items will end up in an auction for the Humane Society. Right now their value is ah – modest. “Worn by who?” 🙂

Off topic again:) OK. So I’ve done some cool events in Boston, NYC, Hollywood, Vegas. Some have included the old red carpet. Funny thing that red carpet. Almost like it is some kind of yellow brick road…except this one is red. Maybe because it seems a little magical. I remember the first giant line of photographers at NIGHT OF 100 STARS lining the red carpet. I’m wearing a tux gotten at some local shop. The girls there at the shop loved helping me. FACT: I really dislike clothes shopping save maybe trying coats on.  BOTTOM LINE: I have other friends that have stuff thrown at them to wear at these events. What is their secret?

So can someone in the knowing tell me, how do I get sponsored on clothes for events? In my movies I’ve always had great artists who were PAID to make me match:) Where are they when I have an event to attend? That all said, I like being myself at functions. I feel that my best self is when I’m comfortable. So except in rare situations I dress purely for my comfort. I dress to my approval. Am I some self-centered ego maniac? OR Am I just a person who does not require others approval? I’m a person who sincerely believes that the man makes the clothes and not the other way around. A schmuck in a thousand dollar suit is still a schmuck. Ghandi dressed in a simple sheet is well…Ghandi.

I’ll get my meat suit ready for my next red carpet walk:)

Finding a clothing line sponsor has made my GOAL list this year. Coffee sponsor is STILL on my goal list. Coffee sponsor search went bust last year. On a positive – I’ve continued to use and promote ONE DROP BBQ and hot sauces at many of our grilling outings. This year I plan to make that list grow with products I actually like, use and enjoy. Why not?

OK. Some people have to be saying… “Come on DJ! The movies!” so let’s discuss a few. First RENOVATION will be making its 1st Non-premiere theatrical showing at the Yuma Historic Theater (AZ) March 11th and 12th watch http://www.renovationthemovie.com for more information. Tickets are $7.50

We’re also working on setting up a Las Vegas theatrical next. I might try something here in Michigan as well.

Acting-wise – I’m on hold for Vegas as they decide if they want to stick with what they have footage-wise or do they want/need any additional shooting. We might have several CDI associated projects underway this year. Some like SHERWOOD HORROR that we’ve talked about before are making some great strides. I’m very happy with the 2011 biz talks and I promise a slew of information here soon.

I will give you this EXCLUSIVE. Many folks on the international fan scene have been asking when DJ Perry is going to do another foreign film. I will say that an offer was made on a script I liked and so pen will be meeting paper very soon. Terms were agreed upon and I’m going to travel to an Asian Island this Spring to film a horror film. I love most horror films but the films now are starting to become very much alike. I find myself looking harder and harder for projects with more unique twists or tone of storytelling. I want to bring something new to you audiences out there.

Foreign film – KARMA CRIME, PASSION, REINCARNATION http://www.karmacpr.com was my other supernatural thriller filmed in India. I love the vibe of that film. I’m told it will likely be coming to US TV/DVD in 2011. It is very worth a watch!

So I will be giving more info on this new Asian horror film soon. I also have some online interviews coming up talking about RENOVATION, BENJAMIN, RESURRECTION, SILVER LAKE and LOCKED IN A ROOM. I’ve very excited about the product heading out this year!

I’m also helping to produce on this Asian horror film and it will also represent CDI’s (www.cdiproductions.com)  first international co-production. Watch CDI site for new updates on this exciting project!

I hear the Texas-based http://www.djperryfanclub.com will be featuring a new leading lady this week. I’m not going to tell you:) But she is a very talented actresses whom I had the great pleasure of working with on BENJAMIN (the NYC action dramedy). Many new updates on Pepper’s fan site so check it out and tell her anything you would like to see.

Other than that I’ve been working development and reading acting offers. I’ll continue to try to make some good choices in 2011. I feel as I got involved with mostly good projects last year. I’m also close to announcing some CDI work programs. I have a few programs that I need to have final discussions on with my CDI partner Jeff Kennedy. One area will be our Commercial Division. Feel free to look at our Commercial Division on the CDI site.


We’ve been doing some good work and so if you have need and want some talented folks to produce your doc, infomercial, online promo, music video, making of or TV shows let us know. Feature film is a given:)

The bottom line is growth is coming. New growth to each of us! Just like my pet redwood tree “RED” (original name) who grew 16 inches this past year. I look forward to see what new growth happens for us all on this next trip around the sun.

But…always remember to once in a while let go of the stresses of life, hold your arms high above your head and ENJOY THE RIDE! You never know when it is your time to slide back into the station.


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