“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Sunday Sunshine 2011

I’ve just filled up on a pot full of java and had some poached eggs and toast. All while being bathed in sunshine that glistens off the new snow we got yesterday. It’s funny how we’re forced to adjust back into a flow outside all the holiday cheer. I’ve spent the last two weeks getting my new acting clips around and updating my materials. I’ve also been reading some scripts and taking a few meetings about possible upcoming films.

I made some final notes on RENOVATION http://www.renovationthemovie.com which is having a theatrical release in Yuma in March. We’re also exploring showings in Las Vegas and maybe I’ll look at Michigan. Right now just trying to close it down and we are right at the end. We’ve got many distribution entities interested and so we’ll see where it lands.

Marketing materials on “Outside the Wire” are done and we are getting ready to do a send out on that film to distribution sources. WHEN you can see this film available to watch I highly recommend that you do. It will change your understand and viewpoints on many things happening over there. It also will show you that the American spirit of kindness is alive and well. The media needs to start reporting on these doings versus just the violence and death.

“This is the war you won’t see on network news. It’s the truly heartwarming story of U.S. soldiers bringing relief aid to children, widows and refugees living in the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan. Despite living ‘Outside the Wire,’ these children will charm you with their smiles, laughter and eternal optimism. An inspiring story of a grass roots effort and some very brave soldiers trying to bring these children a better tomorrow.”

W. Clark Bunting, President and General Manager, The Discovery Channel

I also wanted to highlight a great music video that my buddy Paul Proios did and used our “Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town” footage in it. Check it out!


This next week my goal is to try and get some direction on a few acting and producing projects. I’ve also been doing some script writing on a few projects in development. I hope everyone keeps having a great trek into 2011!

Happy Sunday!


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