“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” ― Sun Tzu

Superbowl Sunday 2011

HOT Sunday coffee (Still no sponsor) and what a great week. We had a good amount of snow dropped on us but no real issues. I even paid some industrious pre-teens to do some shoveling. When I was a young boy I was always doing things to earn my way. I use to shovel drives, sell veggies from a wagon door to door, yard work and just about any odds and ends type jobs. The neighbors were always impressed by my work ethic and so I learned early on how to communicate and negotiate deals. Part of me wishes I would have stayed the course on my legal studies. I enjoyed it somewhat although the reading becomes quite dry. Just a good skill set but sometimes the paper and words are only as good as the people who write them. HONOR

I’ve spent a few days this week of working on a few such deals. I hope to have some exciting announcements very soon concerning some CDI associated films. These are projects that usually have full or partial funding and wish to benefit from the experience of of company that has been there and done that. We have some fine new director/producers developing projects with us. The collective group of artists continues to grow and so the family gets larger. As you all subscribe to this blog I see you as part of the tribe as well. This blog is for artists to unite and I hope to address issues that we all face. Again I want to thank you for all the support.

Talking about growth – Our CDI sales team that I spoke about in our previous blog is firming up nicely. I’ve been communicating with some good candidates for those sales positions. I’ve personally been working a few commercial leads as well that have presented themselves. I’ve also been overseeing some major reworking of the http://www.cdiproductions.com website. Take a moment to look it over when you get an opportunity. Until I really started getting all the info together I didn’t realize just how much we’ve actually done. Don’t look over your shoulder just move towards your goals.

So Superbowl Sunday is today and I have some excited amigos. Time to rock it at Fort Perry! I’m not even sure who is playing today except I think The Steelers are in the big show again. I like to watch for the commercials and I can enjoy a game in the moment but don’t follow the season. Not positive who the half time show performer(s) are but I bet it can’t top ole Janet Jackson. I remember one moment pulling chicken wings out and on TV breasts:) And not chicken:) I did follow MSU football which ended good for the Big 10 but bad for our bowl game. Next topic! I hope you all have a fun and safe day with some great friends.

I truly wanted to make some announcements today but I think this news will have to wait until next week. All I can say is that paperwork is going back and forth and it will soon be finalized. This week I also hope to have some dates about when I have to return to Las Vegas. So I’m gonna cut this short and do a final proof read on one set of documents and I’m off to meet some friends.

So stay warm (If in the snow regions), stay safe and have a great week ahead!


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